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Kaysville police hailed as heroes

Originally aired: Thursday, April 12, 2018

Police officers who saved a burning suicidal man after he lit himself on fire in Kaysville are now speaking about it to the public.   How did we get here, according to KSL? Kaysville police officers burned during a rescue attempt of a suicidal man spoke to the public for the first time Thursday at noon. Officers Robert Jackson, Cade Bradshaw, Lacy Turner and Sgt. Shawn McKinnon were among the first officers to respond to a Chevron convenience store on Thursday, April 5 where a man doused himself with gasoline and lit himself on fire. Jackson, who was the most severely injured, joined the officers at the Thursday press conference via live video conference as he continued recuperating from his burns in the hospital. "My job is to protect lives, and if I have to risk mine to save somebody else, I'm going to do that," he said. "I'm glad everybody made it out alive. I was scared obviously for my fellow officers and the individual. ... (But), at the end of the day, we're all alive." Alex Kirry and Spencer Hall guest-hosted this episode. The JayMac News Show is usually hosted by KSL News Radio's Jay McFarland, who also hosts the fictional podcast, Hosts of Eden. KSL News Radio is part of Bonneville Media and based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Don't forget to review and subscribe to the JayMac Mac News Show podcast on iTunes. Or follow Jay on Twitter and Instagram @JayMacNewsShow or on Facebook at