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Shireen Ghorbani is running for Congress

Originally aired: Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Shireen Ghorbani is running for the House of Representatives in Utah's 2nd District. She joined the Doug Wright Show to get the word out on her campaign, get to know her and the issues she is running on. Ghorbani's issue she is running on include needing a Representative with the willingness to listen and the ability to see beyond partisan politics. At the very least, we deserve someone who will come back to the District to explain their decisions and why it benefits all of us. Apple Podcasts: Stitcher Radio: The Doug Wright Show is hosted by KSL News Radio's Doug Wright, who also hosts the infamous KSL Movie Show. KSL News Radio is part of Bonneville Media and based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Or follow Doug on Twitter and Instagram @DougWrightShow or on Facebook at