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Do your kids send nudes? The answer may shock you

Originally aired: Monday, March 12, 2018

Are your kids sending or receiving nudes? The answer may shock you. A Utah teacher asked her junior high students to share on an index card what their parents don't know about social media. The answers she got were shocking, and I was concerned about the anonymity of the students. I have to ask, should this have been shared? According to the teacher, who texted into the show, the kids knew that their answers would be shared with her Facebook friends and that she just wanted to create an open dialog about social media. Her intent was admirable, but I still think it was inappropriate to share this with the media without talking to the kids first.  Also, we have to assume that our kids have secret social media accounts. If you don't think it's happening with your kids, you're probably getting bamboozled. How did we get here, according to KSL's Nicole Vowell? "Something I've tried to do all year is get to know the kids better," Alpine School District teacher Skipper Coates said. "I try to spend that time getting to know the whole person." In Coates' 9th grade science classroom she uses index cards as a tool to learn about her students on a more personal level. "(I've) gotten answers from them, sometimes anonymous, sometimes not." The latest question she posed to her pupils has people outside the classroom taking notice. She passed out a card to each student and asked them to finish the sentence: "what my parents don't know about social media is _____" Coates says the majority of the replies were concerning and showed her the "gravity" of the matter. Most of the answers centered around 2 things - bullying and nudes. Coates says these things are happening at school and are happening every day. "Girls getting asked for nudes in the middle of the school day, get a hall pass, run to the bathroom, send a nude. And it's happening all day long." Out of 120 9th graders, she got 85 revealing responses, including admissions of selli