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Cookie Monster Doll Used to Smuggle Cocaine, Florida of Course

Originally aired: Friday, July 14, 2017

Ethan Millard and Alex Kirry start off the program today with a tale of a Key West Florida man arrested this week for transporting 314 grams of cocaine police say he hid inside a Cookie Monster doll.  After finding a slit cut in the doll, officers found two packages containing 314 grams of cocaine, she said. The man was handed two felony charges for cocaine trafficking and drug equipment possession.  Ethan says bust him even harder because he used a kids toy to get this drug operation going.   Zenheadlines features  single family of six, along with another group of four swimmers, was almost swept away by a powerful rip current in Panama City, Florida beach on but were saved by Beachgoers, who had seen the family struggle against the tide, were determined to save them and formed a human chain leading back to shore.  The human chain of more than 60 people!