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McDonald’s Apologizes For Poop Slide Incident

Originally aired: Friday, July 14, 2017

McDonald's has apologized to a mom whose 5-year-old son went down the slide and returned covered in feces. This (ahem, crappy) situation occurred at a McDonald's playground in Manchester, New Hampshire.  Justina Whitmore later went on her Facebook to give her account about the story of her son and the poopy playground.  Whitmore suggests that the McDonald's staff didn't take the situation seriously. She claims to have been eating when her son approached her fresh from the slide covered in poop. A boy in Texas who works at the Katy Mills Mall Great American Cookies store was threatened with termination after he bought a police officer his cookie order with his own money, then refused to do the same for a family behind him.  The company has since apologized to the amazing kid.