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Man Trapped in ATM is Rescued, just in Time

Originally aired: Thursday, July 13, 2017

A crashed boat stuck in the sands of Daytona Beach ended up there after a man allegedly took it on a joyride after bingeing on a "couple of Four Lokos." Jonathan Race, 20, was accused of burglary and grand theft after stealing a boat from Daytona Marina and Boat Works and crashing it on the beach. He left his pants, wallet, and identification on the boat.   Police found Race at a Port Orange home. He told them the last thing he remembered was drinking Four Lokos at a 7-Eleven near the marina. The suspect also told authorities that he "blacked out" after the drinks   A Zenheadlines story brought to us by Twitter and Jack Canyon.   A man was rescued by Corpus Christi police after being stuck in an ATM on Wednesday afternoon. The man was a contractor who was working on the machine when he accidentally locked himself inside and had to use a note on a receipt to alert customers who called the police.