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Snorting Chocolate, How to Warn your Kids

Originally aired: Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Chocolate is a remarkably effective emotional panacea that has proven to offer a host of physical benefits, too. It can reduce stress, provide relief from a cough, prevent diabetes and reduce atrial fibrillation, a fatal heart condition. But Ethan Millard and Alex Kirry are here to tell you about a disturbing trend with people actually snorting chocolate.  Coco Loko is used by idiots who think that they can get high.  Alex and Ethan are convinced that it was just a ploy to get ratings and now more people will snort the chocolate just to try it because it was on the news.   A heart-warming story of two sisters preparing for a wedding in the fall and the heartwarming story of their proposal is unlike anything you've ever heard before. Will Seaton, 25, proposed to his girlfriend of six years, Ashley Schaus, 23, but also popped a question to Schaus' younger sister Hannah, who has Down syndrome.  When they first started dating, Seaton was told that, if they were to be together, she and her sister would be together for life so the commitment was to more than just her.  He did an awesome thing.