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6-Hour Work Day Experiment in Sweden

Originally aired: Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Alex Kirry and Ethan Millard talk today on the Nightside Project about the recent study done in Gothenberg, Sweden where 6-hour work days for the last two years for retirement home nurses made them more happy but cost the employers more in payroll to staff up the place.  But Healthcare costs did go down and employees were much happier only working 30 hours a week.  You would be too.   And a #zenheadlines story featuring "Speedy" the kid.  Not a kid, but a baby goat who saved a family from a fire.  Alex disputes these animal saving humans from fire stories that seem to be a little too good to be true.    Wiener, Ark. -- Speedy, the family pet, is now being dubbed a hero. "I was in the living room sleeping," said Abigail Bruce. The 10-year-old said her sleep was interrupted Saturday night by Speedy where her room was being filled with smoke and the family was able to get out.