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Repaving project to close Emigration Canyon recreational activities

Carter Williams,  |  Posted Jul 5th - 7:49am

Emigration Canyon is a popular place for biking, but those looking to get a quick workout on the road will have to find a new place for the next few weeks beginning Monday.

Fish more vulnerable to warming water than first thought

Seth Borenstein, Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 2nd - 12:04pm

the biggest fishery in the United States and the source of fast food fillets — and well-known species such as sockeye salmon, brown trout, bonito, barracuda and swordfish.

‘Glamping’ resort proposed near Zion National Park

Brian Maffly, Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 28th - 5:41pm

A sprawling network of camping resorts soon could begin unfolding in the Kolob highlands on Zion National Park’s northern boundary, potentially resulting in an influx of overnight use in a remote and scenic part of southern Utah.

Utah has an invasive bullfrog problem, so the DWR wants you to eat them

Colby Walker, KSL Newsradio  |  Posted Jun 25th - 12:31pm

Forget about finding a prince after you catch a bullfrog; the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is hoping that instead of puckering up and planting a smooch, that you’ll take one home for dinner.

Fire officials urge caution, fire awareness as firework sales open

MacK Jones, KSL  |  Posted Jun 23rd - 7:27pm

As Utahns prepare for their personal Fourth of July celebrations, fire officials want to make sure they’re prepared to safely light fireworks as the state heads into the driest part of the season.

How you can virtually compete in a Utah running and biking series

Carter Williams,  |  Posted Jun 22nd - 7:05pm

COVID-19 ruined 2020 plans for the budding Wasatch Trail Run Series, but it also opened a door for an innovative way to allow people to race each other in Utah's outdoors.

Trial tests begin at 2 marinas in effort to stop Utah Lake’s algae problems

Carter Williams,  |  Posted Jun 22nd - 4:07pm

Experts are conducting a pair of trial tests in Utah Lake this summer in an effort to lessen the impacts of harmful algal blooms.

Prehistoric 'clutter' on land led to bigger, smarter human brains

Ashley Strickland, CNN  |  Posted Jun 19th - 12:15pm

The ways our ancestors adapted to live in patchy landscapes cluttered with obstacles "poured jet fuel" on the evolution of the brains of animals and early human ancestors, according to researchers at Northwestern University.

Here's how you can learn to see more in nature

Robert Williamson, Contributor  |  Posted Jun 18th - 12:16pm

By learning a couple of vision techniques, it is possible to see more wildlife, birds, insects and plants in nature. You will learn to appreciate sunlight, shadows, patterns and textures found in our outdoor world.

Why Utah wildlife biologists harvest eggs to support cutthroat restoration

Spencer Durrant, Contributor  |  Posted Jun 17th - 12:14pm

As part of its efforts to restore cutthroat trout to their native historic range, biologists with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources harvest eggs from wild cutthroat trout, to raise the fry in hatcheries throughout the state.

Senate approves $2.8B plan to boost conservation, parks

Matthew Daly, Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 17th - 10:34am

The Senate has approved a bipartisan bill that would spend nearly $3 billion on conservation projects, outdoor recreation and maintenance of national parks and other public lands, a measure supporters say would be the most significant conservation legislation enacted in nearly half a century.

Walk-in lottery reopens for permits to hike The Wave at Utah-Arizona border

Carter Williams,  |  Posted Jun 16th - 4:42pm

A walk-in lottery for permits to hike a stunning 3-mile strip of land at the Utah-Arizona border reopened for the first time in three months, albeit at a new location, local and federal officials said Monday.

Rescuers relieved after Forrest Fenn's legendary $2M treasure found

Mead Gruver, Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 15th - 11:03am

They’ve been pulled from steep canyons and rushing rivers, sometimes no longer breathing, after chasing a cryptic poem’s clues and promise of treasure deep into the Rocky Mountains.

A brief history of the Pott's hair flies and the Fizzle came to be in the fishing world

Robert Williamson, Contributor  |  Posted Jun 12th - 12:15pm

Franz Pott had a distinct way of creating trout flies by weaving various types of hair. Pott had another popular fly called the Fizzle. Where did the name come from? And how would you fish such a fly?

Camping during coronavirus: Is it safe?

Forrest Brown, CNN  |  Posted Jun 12th - 11:02am

This is usually the time of year that campers are out in full force — from bare-bones backpackers to folks who roll RV-style — all enjoying what nature and summer have to offer.

Biologists ask Utahns not to dump fish after 2 species introduced in Utah waters

Carter Williams,  |  Posted Jun 10th - 12:17pm

Wildlife biologists found Utah chub in Garfield County’s Panguitch Lake and goldfish in Kane County’s Jackson Flat Reservoir during annual spring surveys.

2 cited in case of 260 illegally dumped white bass, DWR says

Carter Williams,  |  Posted Jun 9th - 9:08pm

State wildlife officials said Tuesday that two people were cited after they came forward and told conservation officers they were responsible for dumping 260 white bass onto a road near Syracuse last month.

Rare weather system brings mountain snow, 50-degree temperature swing to Utah

Jacob Klopfenstein,  |  Posted Jun 8th - 10:21am

Some Utah mountains have seen significant June snowfall as a rare weather system caused a 50-degree temperature swing over the weekend.

Treasure chest hidden in Rocky Mountains finally found

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 7th - 12:58pm

A bronze chest filled with gold, jewels, and other valuables worth more than $1 million and hidden a decade ago somewhere in the Rocky Mountain wilderness has been found, according to a famed art and antiquities collector who created the treasure hunt.

'The world is changing': How national parks can remind us of the good

Arianne Brown, Contributor  |  Posted Jun 5th - 7:11pm

On a recent visit to Bryce Canyon National Park, my family was reminded that despite world unrest and turmoil that there is still good in the world.