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Many Utah resorts experiencing 'good fortune' as more precipitation hits state this week

Carter Williams,  |  Posted Jan 21st - 5:22pm

Following a round of storms that blanketed Utah last week, many resorts across the state are boasting strong snow-depth numbers. Another pair of storms coming through the state this week may help continue to boost those numbers.

Mountain lion euthanized after attacking 3-year-old boy in a California wilderness park

Jennifer Selva and Christina Maxouris, CNN  |  Posted Jan 21st - 12:46pm

A mountain lion has been euthanized after attacking a 3-year-old boy in a Southern California wilderness park on Monday, authorities say.

National Parks are free today in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr's birthday

Francisco Guzman and Brian Ries, CNN  |  Posted Jan 20th - 3:03pm

America's National Parks are offering free admission for anyone who visits today in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr's birthday.

Desolation Canyon float trips: What they might cost and why that matters

Amy Joi O'Donoghue, KSL  |  Posted Jan 19th - 7:48pm

Feds proposing doubling recreation fee due to public use.

Utah cougar harvest quotas increased as wildlife officials seek to combat deer decline

Carter Williams,  |  Posted Jan 17th - 1:14pm

In response to a decline in deer populations in some pockets of Utah, state wildlife officials issued an “emergency” increase of 117 cougar harvest objectives in 11 areas across the state.

Painted owl angers Utah wildlife officials

Simone Seikaly, KSL Newradio  |  Posted Jan 16th - 1:18pm

A painted owl has fired up the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah. To say the very least.

DWR to review wildlife euthanasia policy after small town’s beloved deer shot by officer

Carter Williams, and Alex Cabrero, KSL TV  |  Posted Jan 16th - 10:31am

After already meeting once, Garfield County authorities and state wildlife officials plan to meet next week to figure out how to best address wild animal calls after a small town’s beloved deer was shot by a conservation officer last week.

Cougars caught on video roaming Bountiful neighborhood

Jed Boal, KSL TV  |  Posted Jan 16th - 8:41am

A couple of cougars have been caught on camera wandering along a ravine and through some backyards in Bountiful every night for the past week.

Zombie raccoons in Provo? A warning from Provo police

Paul Nelson, KSL Newsradio  |  Posted Jan 16th - 7:01am

Animal Control Officer Elena Farnsworth says "zombie raccoons" may give off the impression that they wouldn’t mind if you pet them. That would be a huge mistake.

Public input sought for campground, trails in San Juan County; bike use on Arches pathway

Carter Williams,  |  Posted Jan 15th - 12:15pm

Public input is now open for two outdoor projects on federal land, and public nominations for a Bureau of Land Management citizen advisory council in Utah is also open.

Utah driver shares story after avalanche sweeps him, family off road

Matt Rascon, KSL TV  |  Posted Jan 14th - 7:18am

The family members swept off the road during an avalanche in Little Cottonwood Canyon were on their way to Alta Ski Resort when the snow plowed into them.

Utahn has new appreciation for life after being stranded in Alaskan wilderness

Ashley Kewish, KSL TV  |  Posted Jan 13th - 10:27pm

A Utah man says he has gained a whole new appreciation for life after being stranded in the Alaskan wilderness for 23 days.

Moab community members band together to preserve 'Coal,' the rare melanistic deer

Carter Williams,  |  Posted Jan 13th - 7:18pm

Coal, an extremely rare melanistic mule deer, became Moab’s wildlife celebrity over the past few years. Following the animal's recent death, a group of residents and businesses have banded together to preserve his legacy.

Have You Seen This? Oh deer! Decoy gives buck fright of his life

Katie Workman,  |  Posted Jan 13th - 3:02pm

This buck doesn’t know what’s happened. He can’t possibly understand. But it’s the funniest thing you’ll see today.

Featured hike: Jenni's Trail offers soaring views from Park City Mountain

Cara MacDonald, Contributor  |  Posted Jan 10th - 1:17pm

Jenni’s Trail is a beautiful hike that is well-known among Park City locals but might be unfamiliar to Utahns in other parts of the state.

Injured owl found on US 191 near Moab, 'swaddled much like a baby' to safety

Merritt Jewel,  |  Posted Jan 9th - 12:15pm

What appeared to be a large bird dead on a highway turned out to be a large owl with a broken wing.

UDOT launches sticker program for canyon drivers to 'pre-check' snow tires, chains

Jasen Lee, KSL  |  Posted Jan 8th - 9:59pm

Workers and residents in the Cottonwood canyons may have an easier path to work and home thanks to a new program aimed at reducing congestion on powder days.

Doctors say ‘will to survive’ saved teen stranded in Utah mountains

Wendy Leonard, KSL  |  Posted Jan 8th - 9:35pm

A couple of things kept Nicolas Stacy-Alcantara alive through the night up Millcreek Canyon. But his attitude, doctors say, was the most important.

Glacier National Park is replacing signs that predicted its glaciers would be gone by 2020

Christina Maxouris and Andy Rose, CNN  |  Posted Jan 8th - 7:44pm

In 2017, the park was told by the agency that the complete melting off of the glaciers was no longer expected to take place so quickly due to changes in the forecast model, but the glaciers are still melting.

Salt mounds forming at Great Salt Lake are 'rare,' 'unique' geologists say

Alex Cabrero, KSL TV  |  Posted Jan 8th - 8:32am

Near the visitor’s center at Great Salt Lake State Park are four salt mounds, or salt formations, that have never been documented on the Great Salt Lake.