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'You have the hardest job on earth': Here's how Utahns thanked their Unexpected Heroes in law enforcement and corrections Staff  |  Posted May 22nd - 8:04pm

The Utahns who work in law enforcement and corrections help keep Utahns safe. Here's what Utahns had to say to thank them.

Thief returns woman's stolen wedding ring

Ashley Kewish, KSL TV  |  Posted May 17th - 9:23pm

It can be frustrating when something of yours goes missing — especially if that item is extremely sentimental, like a wedding ring.

A mom is recreating popular children's book covers to help explain the pandemic to kids

Alicia Lee, CNN  |  Posted May 16th - 7:11pm

Explaining the pandemic to kids isn't easy. So one mom set out to help.

'I love the post office': What Utah is saying about its postal workers

Whitney Evans,  |  Posted May 15th - 9:58pm

The U.S. Postal Service delivers medications, parcels, mails and smiles to Americans daily. Hundreds of Utahns wrote in to let the USPS know how much they mean to them.

Struggling restaurant owner helps his neighbors with free sack lunches, hot meals

Mike Anderson, KSL TV  |  Posted May 12th - 6:17am

While many small businesses are working to stay in business, one struggling restaurant owner in Ogden is looking at how he can help out his neighbors at the same time.

First grade teacher sends daily comics to her students during at-home-learning

Arianne Brown, Contributor  |  Posted May 9th - 7:11pm

Fremont Elementary School first grade teacher, Kay Quinn has enlisted the help of her artist husband, Jason Quinn to connect with her students during at-home-learning.

'You are worth more than we ever appreciated': Utah thanks teachers, its Unexpected Heroes in education Staff  |  Posted May 8th - 7:45pm

Teachers are trained professionals who have navigated a pandemic and remote classrooms to make sure Utah's students get the knowledge and training they need to succeed.

Uplifting Utah: The Jazz give back, and other stories to brighten your day

Graham Dudley,  |  Posted May 6th - 8:45pm

In this week's Uplifting Utah we find sports stars, young volunteers, a big donation from an unexpected location, and a man who's been fighting for Utah's forgotten animals since long before the pandemic began.

Why Ireland is sending relief to Native Americans

Harmeet Kaur, CNN  |  Posted May 6th - 12:18pm

People in Ireland inspired by an act of generosity by Native Americans committed more than 170 years ago are paying it forward.

Utah man gets life-saving liver transplant during pandemic

Jed Boal, KSL TV  |  Posted May 4th - 10:05pm

A Utah man was given the gift of life by doctors at Intermountain Medical Center after they performed a life-saving liver transplant on him in the midst of the pandemic.

Tabitha's Way local food pantry sees increased need for donations

Arianne Brown, Contributor  |  Posted May 3rd - 7:21pm

Tabitha's Way, a local food pantry based out of Utah County is seeing an increase the numbers of individuals and family in need of its services. This increase is as a result of the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Tabitha's Way officials say that donations and volunteers are welcome

'Roll on, asphalt cowboys': Utah thanks its Unexpected Heroes in trucking Staff  |  Posted May 1st - 9:23pm

Hundreds of you wrote in to thank the Unexpected Heroes in Utah's trucking industry. As one reader said, "Truckers are as tough as cowhide, as strong as a huge maple tree, and as good lookin’ as a flaming sunset after a storm!"

In a US now in puppy love, Labs still tops, but corgis rise

Jennifer Peltz, Associated Press  |  Posted May 1st - 6:05am

America's dogs are having their day as the coronavirus keeps many people at home more with their pets and spurs so much adoption and fostering that some shelters' kennels have emptied.

'Not all super heroes wear capes, most wear aprons': How Utah thanked its Unexpected Heroes in grocery stores Staff  |  Posted Apr 24th - 7:02pm

Grocery stores let you shop for food and essentials in Utah; here's how you helped us thank them.

Utah entrepreneur puts on light show at St. Mark's Hospital to honor essential workers

Jenny Rollins, Contributor  |  Posted Apr 23rd - 8:52pm

St. Mark’s Hospital’s essential workers looked up to see a tribute to them projected across the entire front of the hospital Wednesday night.

Uplifting Utah: A 'perfect' drive-in wedding — and other stories to brighten your day

Graham Dudley,  |  Posted Apr 22nd - 8:33pm

The coronavirus fallout has inspired countless acts of service and selflessness, qualities that will hopefully stay with us long after the virus has passed.

3 keys to thrive at home during quarantine

Connie Sokol, Contributor  |  Posted Apr 19th - 8:16pm

For everyone involved, dealing with abrupt changes, loss of friends and routine, and lack of control on when this coronavirus pandemic will end can create an underlying stress and daily disruption. However, a few intentional choices can make a big difference.

Small window-cleaning business now offering free grocery delivery, sanitation

Jennifer Rollins, Contributor  |  Posted Apr 18th - 7:11pm

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, small business owner Reed Worthington decided not to lay off his workers. Instead, he and his team are offering grocery delivery and disinfecting services to at-risk people in Utah and Salt Lake counties.

Uplifting Utah: 'Write' by your side — and other stories to brighten your day

Graham Dudley,  |  Posted Apr 17th - 8:31pm

While America is moving toward easing its restrictions in the coming weeks, there's still a lot of uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. But these extraordinary times have inspired extraordinary acts of kindness from Utahns everywhere.