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Two penguins interned at American publishing company Penguin Random House. It was awesome

Christina Maxouris, CNN  |  Posted Sep 21st - 6:25am

Any story about penguins is a story worth telling. But this one, about two particular penguins from the Maryland Zoo interning at New York- based publisher Penguin Random House is one of the best ones you'll hear.

Cosmetics giant making a difference by hiring people with disabilities

Heather Simonsen, KSL TV  |  Posted Sep 20th - 10:35am

A Utah mother with disabilities was able to return to the workforce through a program with the Utah State Office of Rehabilitation and cosmetics company Sephora, which plans to hire 30% of its workforce through the program.

Story of misdelivered homecoming invite goes viral, has happy ending

Christina Giardinelli, KSL  |  Posted Sep 20th - 7:00am

Being asked on your first date is an exciting milestone for many young women. For Karsyn West, the occasion gained a much wider audience than expected when a chivalrous homecoming invitation made its way to the wrong house.

‘There is always far more good’: Household items donated to dozens of Utah families in need

Gretel Kauffman, KSL  |  Posted Sep 19th - 6:21am

Beds. Toys. Microwaves. Clothes. Vacuum cleaners. Rugs. Pots and pans.

Make Your Week: Paying tribute to those who help

Jen Riess,  |  Posted Sep 18th - 9:41pm

The people who inspire us come from places we may never expect.

Utah students pool money to buy PE teacher his dream shoes

Lauren Bennett,  |  Posted Sep 16th - 9:32pm

A Utah P.E. teacher received the surprise of a lifetime when his students bought him his dream shoes while he was recovering from a sports injury.

Provo man organizes hunting event for wheelchair users

The Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 15th - 9:07am

A Utah man who has been in a wheelchair for more than three decades has created a pheasant hunt for people like him who need help getting into the outdoors.

'She wasn’t supposed to go without him': Idaho Falls couple married 68 years dies 8 days apart

Nate Eaton, East Idaho News  |  Posted Sep 14th - 7:06am

This Idaho couple was married for 68 years and died eight days apart —and he nearly died at her funeral.

Text message sent to wrong number by one digit leads to unexpected act of kindness

Cameron Polom, CNN  |  Posted Sep 13th - 6:04am

A text message sent to the wrong number off by one digit led to an unexpected act of kindness by a stranger.

Utah group 'Featured Female' aims to create supportive community for women

Jenny Rollins, Contributor  |  Posted Sep 12th - 8:36pm

Balloons and banners brighten the space where women, many of whom are strangers, have come together with one purpose: to create community. This is one just one of the monthly events by Featured Female, a local group created to bring women together.

Make Your Week: 2 inclusive communities rally around newcomers

Jen Riess,  |  Posted Sep 12th - 1:42pm

Moving to a new place can be intimidating, especially when you do not know many people. However, these Utah communities have proven that they embrace new people and accept them as they are.

Missing Arizona dog, family reunited after four years

Mark Thompson, Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 8th - 11:15am

After being missing for four years, a lost dog has finally been reunited with his family in Phoenix.

Utah teen’s program aims to help former addicts finish recovery, find work

Christina Giardinelli, KSL  |  Posted Sep 7th - 8:11pm

Jacqueline Spencer was 22 years old when she became a substance abuser.

He was bullied for his homemade University of Tennessee T-shirt. The school just made it an official design

Alaa Elassar, CNN  |  Posted Sep 7th - 4:03pm

A Florida student obsessed with the University of Tennessee wanted to represent the Volunteers during his elementary school's "College Colors Day," but didn't own any of their apparel -- so he took the matter into his own hands.

Make Your Week: Finding new ways to bring new life

Jen Riess,  |  Posted Sep 6th - 8:06pm

The "Make Your Week" column features uplifting stories sent in from people outside the newsroom.

Everyday Hero comforts babies in the NICU

Molly Hendrickson, CNN  |  Posted Sep 4th - 8:36pm

Sandy Dimmitt will tell you, visiting Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children is the best part of her day.

This 9-year-old double amputee will walk the runway at New York Fashion Week

Dominic Rech, CNN  |  Posted Sep 3rd - 11:03am

A 9-year-old double amputee from Birmingham, UK, is set to appear at New York Fashion Week.

She missed a Jonas Brothers concert due to a chemotherapy treatment. So they came to her hospital room

Alaa Elassar, CNN  |  Posted Sep 1st - 11:36am

If you're a sucker for a heartwarming surprise, you'll love this.

Georgia theme park offers free admission to Hurricane Dorian evacuees

Alaa Elassar, CNN  |  Posted Aug 31st - 3:54pm

Florida hurricane evacuees in need of stress relief can visit a theme park in Georgia for free.

'I was right in the middle of it:' 101-year-old Bountiful resident shares fire evacuation experience

Jacob Klopfenstein, and Lauren Bennett,  |  Posted Aug 30th - 4:07pm

A phone call woke up 101-year-old Bountiful resident Helen Day very early Friday morning. It was a neighbor telling her to get up, get dressed and get out.