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5 home projects you should do this winter

KSL Classifieds  |  Posted Dec 14th - 3:00pm

A handful of fixes for when you’re feeling handy, cabin-feverish or just want to save money on off-season contract work.

Ways to use random acts of kindness to improve your holidays

Intermountain Livewell  |  Posted Dec 14th - 8:00am

Small acts of kindness are easy to do — and they’ll brighten the lives of everyone around you in small ways and help get you in the holiday spirit.

What do you know about CO?

Dominion Energy  |  Posted Dec 13th - 8:00am

As winter approaches, the risk for carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning increases. Understanding some basic information will help keep you and your family safe.

Skiing and more: Utah’s 10 best winter destinations  |  Posted Dec 12th - 9:00pm

Here is the official list of our 10 favorite spots, officially, at least until the next time we sit down and have a deep, respectful conversation with Utah winters and discover another facet of their personality:

10 surefire gifts for the health fanatic on your Christmas list

Fāv Chocolate  |  Posted Dec 12th - 8:00am

Being healthy isn't always easy, but it certainly becomes simpler when healthy choices come in the form of holiday gifts. If you have a special someone in your life who is a total health nut, here are seven gifts that are sure to please.

Don't end up in the ER this holiday season

University Of Utah Health  |  Posted Dec 11th - 9:00pm

Holiday injuries lead to a spike in emergency room visits. Here are some of the more common injuries and tips for how to avoid them.

5 ideas for gifts that are lasting

Minky Couture  |  Posted Dec 11th - 3:00pm

Tired of spending your hard earned money on gifts that are forgotten before the new year? Consider these options instead.

Utah gender wage gap highest in nation: 5 steps to fix it

Salt Lake Chamber  |  Posted Dec 11th - 8:00am

Utah has the largest gender wage gap for full-time, year-round working women. Here are five steps Utah businesses can take to create an equitable pay environment within their own organization.

Driver's ed to music: 6 things you didn't know you could learn from free high school online

Utah Online School  |  Posted Dec 10th - 9:00pm

Online classes might have a reputation for being data- and reading-oriented, but a surprising number of classes you can take online are off the beaten path. Here are six things to know about what's available in online high school courses.

Checklist: 30 insider tips to keep your credit card safe from fraud

Mountain America Credit Union  |  Posted Dec 10th - 3:00pm

The best way to deal with credit card fraud is to never have it happen in the first place. Mountain America Credit Union is committed to educating members and community on the best ways to prevent and recognize fraud before it happens.

$60 off new Apple iPad, 40% off Blink Surveillance Cameras with free Amazon Echo, 50" 4K Vizio TV under $300

Tech Bargains  |  Posted Dec 8th - 3:00pm

Welcome to TechBargains' weekly deals featuring the best current deals before Green Monday. Most of these deals should arrive before Christmas. Prices and stock are accurate at time of posting, so act fast because these deals can end without notice.

Utah family finds purpose with temple building bricks company

Brick'em Young  |  Posted Dec 8th - 8:00am

Brick 'Em Young introduces Book of Mormon figurines, creates poll for next temple model

Bad tooth? Why an implant could be the best long-term solution

Stubbs Dental  |  Posted Dec 7th - 3:00pm

Tooth restoration can be a tricky business, but it doesn't have to be. If you qualify for dental implants, you can achieve a permanent solution for tooth replacement that will keep your smile and mouth healthy for years to come.

Why the 5th 'C' is the most essential when choosing a diamond

O. C. Tanner Jewelers  |  Posted Dec 7th - 8:00am

When shopping for an engagement ring, there are a few characteristics to look for in a diamond that set it apart. Here are the five "C"s of choosing a diamond and why the fifth "C" might be the most important.

10 of the best cars for driving in the snow

KSL Cars  |  Posted Dec 6th - 9:00pm

There are some great cars on KSL Cars right now that can get you through this winter as safely as possible. We’ve chosen 10 of them, with an emphasis on all-wheel drive.

11 improvements to increase your home's energy efficiency and value

Amsco Windows  |  Posted Dec 6th - 8:00am

From changing out your light bulbs to replacing your windows, this article is full of simple ways to cut costs and improve your home's energy efficiency.

Holiday binge eating increases health risks

Mountainstar Healthcare  |  Posted Dec 5th - 3:00pm

Feeling bloated and overindulged can put a serious damper on your holiday spirit, so how do you break the cycle? Here are six tips to help you enjoy the end of this year without any regrets.

Utah business owner shares sacrifices in starting tech company

Sumo Communications  |  Posted Dec 4th - 9:46am

SUMO Communications is a successful small business start-up story of sacrifice. Here's how it became the giant in the telecommunications industry that it is today.

Does your injury require an attorney?

Siegfried & Jensen  |  Posted Dec 3rd - 3:00pm

If you've been in a car, work or other accident, this quiz will help you determine if your case requires an attorney.

Cyber Monday deals you can still get: 50" 4K Samsung, Ring security system, Braun Shaver and HP gaming laptop

Tech Bargains  |  Posted Dec 1st - 8:42am

Cyber Monday is over, but the team at TechBargains has found some of the best Cyber Monday Deals you can still get. Prices and stock are accurate at the time of posting, but act fast because these deals can end without notice.