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8 local can't-miss events happening this summer

Salt Lake Chamber  |  Posted Jun 19th - 8:00am

Summer in Utah is anything but boring, especially with all of the fun events planned. These are nine activities you can't miss this summer.

High hairline? Forehead reductions offer new, simple solutions

Utah Facial Plastics  |  Posted Jun 18th - 9:00pm

Both women and men can have issues with high or receding hairlines. Advances in the forehead reduction cosmetic procedure make a lower hairline simpler than ever.

Could your dentist save your life?

University Of Utah Health  |  Posted Jun 18th - 8:00am

As the care provider who specializes in disease and abnormalities of the mouth, though, your dentist could be your first line of defense for a variety of diseases, from relatively mild irritations to more significant conditions such as oral cancer.

Family members play key role in helping overcome addiction

Renaissance Ranch  |  Posted Jun 17th - 9:00pm

Family members of addicts need to learn to recover from destructive codependent feelings, attitudes and shaming behaviors. They also need to learn how to become a healthier, more effective support person for their addicted loved one.

5 common things homeowners are expected to change when selling

Giant Carpet One  |  Posted Jun 17th - 8:00am

People selling their homes often clean up and fix any minor problems with the home, but buyers always expect recent upgrades. Here are the top five things most people expect the seller to change.

Utah firm's mystery boxes provide cure for summer boredom

Finders Seekers  |  Posted Jun 15th - 9:00pm

Forget pricey, crowded escape rooms. Instead, experience the world and solve clever puzzles and clues with a mystery box delivered straight to your door every month.

7 amazing experiences you can give your dad this Father's Day

Finders Seekers  |  Posted Jun 14th - 8:00am

Dads can be difficult to shop for, but memories of family experiences will last a lifetime. Here are seven ideas to help you build some memories with your dad.

Striking (literal) gold: 5 amazing garage-sale finds

KSL Classifieds  |  Posted Jun 13th - 9:00pm

In the tradition of Homo erectus grunting out his best hunting stories around the campfire he’d just invented, here are five stories of cunning, lucky and/or brave(?) garage-sale hunters.

3 reasons to get your next dog as a puppy

The Puppy Store Salt Lake City  |  Posted Jun 13th - 8:00am

Families and individuals considering adding a furry friend to the mix can go to countless places to find him. While you can't go wrong loving any dog, there are a few convincing reasons to get a puppy from puppy experts.

How experts recommend talking about suicide

Healthy Mind Matters  |  Posted Jun 12th - 8:00am

Experts have been studying ways to stop suicide here in Utah. It is a problem through every age range and every gender. Here are ways to speak up and terms to avoid when talking about suicide.

New Utah law should make settling common legal matters easier and less costly

Utah State Bar  |  Posted Jun 11th - 8:00am

It used to be only lawyers who could help individuals with legal matters, but a new Utah rule allows licensed paralegals to help tackle the caseload of family and debt collection attorneys.

6 gifts Utah dads don’t want for Father’s Day

Robert J. DeBry  |  Posted Jun 10th - 8:00am

Father’s Day can be the hardest holidays to shop for, simply because dads are difficult to pin down. Read for ideas on gifts to avoid and to give. And be sure to take the quiz at the end for a chance to win Bees tickets.

27 awesome cars for under $5,000 on KSL Cars

KSL Cars  |  Posted Jun 6th - 9:47pm

Here’s a list of 30 cars under $5,000 on KSL Cars that should let you get some miles under your belt without taking much out of your wallet. Bear in mind that prices don’t go below $5,000 without some dings, rips, and mileage.

The evolution of sales leadership

Weber State University  |  Posted Jun 6th - 3:31pm

Sales leadership has a different frame of reference from one generation to the next and the relevancy of professional sales has never been greater.

5 things Utahns should include in their landscaping

Weber Basin Water Conservancy District  |  Posted Jun 6th - 8:00am

Utahns tend to take landscaping advice from eastern climates when there are better choices for the desert climate here. Check out these ideas to help you save on water.

7 ways businesses can take the lead in saving precious Utah water

Salt Lake Chamber  |  Posted Jun 5th - 3:00pm

As spring sun and temperatures begin to melt winter snow and fill Utah’s water sources, the temptation to relax daily water conservation efforts may creep in. But now, more than ever, it's important to

How to stay cool when it comes to hot flashes

University Of Utah Health  |  Posted Jun 4th - 7:24am

While the frequency and severity of hot flashes varies greatly in women going through menopause, 80% will experience some form of this symptom of changing hormone levels.

What I wish my husband knew about being a new mom

Mountainstar Healthcare  |  Posted Jun 3rd - 3:00pm

Whether you’re a first-time mom or an experienced mother, you’re bound to go through some significant changes when the new baby arrives. A new mom needs to communicate clearly with her husband so he understands how to best take care of her.

Rare discount on Apple AirPods and Apple Watch, $300 off Dell's XPS Performance Desktops

Techbargains  |  Posted Jun 1st - 8:00am

It may not be a holiday weekend, but these deals are so good you might think it is. Hurry, they won't last long.

The ultimate guide of things to do in Park City  |  Posted May 31st - 9:00pm

Bring your bucket list, and your other bucket list, and a bucket, and your gratitude journal, because there’s more to do in Park City than Oprah could tell you to do during “Living your best life” week.