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Family video contest offers trip to ancestral homeland as prize

Rootstech  |  Posted Jan 13th - 8:00am

Whether you're searching for connections to your ancestors or just a new way to experience the world around you, now's your chance with the RootsTech Film Festival '19. Submit a video for a chance to win big.

30% off Elfa Customized Closets & installation, $3 Gorilla Glue, and electronics gifts for Valentines

Tech Bargains  |  Posted Jan 12th - 8:12am

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and there are some great giftable electronics. Prices and stock are accurate at the time of posting, but can change without notice. Act fast because these deals may not last.

In case you didn't know, 8 ways Utah's winter inversions are killing you

Robert J. DeBry  |  Posted Jan 10th - 8:00am

Particle pollution, which peaks during winter inversions, poses a real threat to Utah residents. The Salt Lake City-Provo-Orem, Utah, area ranks eighth worst in the nation for air quality. Here are eight ways Utah’s winter inversions are killing you

Why everyone should experience Germany’s Oberammergau Passion Play

Fun for Less Tours  |  Posted Jan 9th - 3:00pm

Performed once a decade since 1634, the Oberammergau Passion Play is an unforgettable and life-changing event for those lucky enough to get to see it.

5 For Life program simplifies health care and saves lives

University Of Utah Health  |  Posted Jan 9th - 8:00am

5 For Life is the perfect vehicle for a busy woman with a demanding professional and home schedule to address several key medical issues in one three-hour visit.

6 job-hunting tips to get your dream job in 2019

KSL Jobs  |  Posted Jan 8th - 7:58am

This article offers six tips to help you get ready to get out there and find that job you’re resolved to snag.

Obesity is a problem among Utah children: What we can do

Mountainstar Healthcare  |  Posted Jan 7th - 3:00pm

Almost 1 in 5 American children is obese, according to the CDC. While childhood obesity rates in Utah have gone down, they are still too high.

Lowest price on BowFlex SelectTech Dumbbells, 50% off smart blood pressure monitor, TurboTax Deluxe discounts

Tech Bargains  |  Posted Jan 5th - 7:36am

Welcome to TechBargains' weekly deals featuring the best current deals to help you with your New Years resolutions. Prices and stock are accurate at time of posting but can end without notice. Act fast because these deals may not last.

Winter injury? U of U Orthopedic Injury Clinic offers amazing results

University Of Utah Health  |  Posted Jan 4th - 3:00pm

The University of Utah Health orthopedic center is a key resource for people who become injured on the ski and snowboard slopes — or those who have a snow-shoveling or icy sidewalk mishap.

5 famous smiles that helped define history

Stubbs Dental  |  Posted Jan 4th - 8:00am

It is hard to overestimate the value and impact of a great smile. Throughout history, many people have become famous or infamous because of their unique smiles. Here are few you’ve probably heard about.

6 of Utah's most infamous and horrible murderers

Robert J. DeBry  |  Posted Jan 3rd - 8:03am

Here are six of the most infamous killers with connections to Utah.

$50 off Apple Watch Series 3, Up to 33% off TurboTax, and Black Friday TVs back on sale!

Tech Bargains  |  Posted Dec 29th - 9:24am

TechBargains' weekly deals featuring the best current New Years Deals and more. Prices and stock are accurate at the time of posting, but can end without notice, so act fast as these deals may not last.

Heart attack and stroke symptoms no one should ignore

Steward Health Care  |  Posted Dec 20th - 3:00pm

Serious as a heart attack; if you experience any of these heart attack or stroke symptoms, see your doctor right away.

Holiday traditions and treasures abound in THE BLOCKS downtown

The Blocks  |  Posted Dec 14th - 9:00pm

Every year THE BLOCKS — downtown Salt Lake’s Cultural Core — fills with holiday shoppers, art lovers and adventure seekers alike. If you’re looking for a little something extra to do in town, we have a few suggestions.

5 home projects you should do this winter

KSL Classifieds  |  Posted Dec 14th - 3:00pm

A handful of fixes for when you’re feeling handy, cabin-feverish or just want to save money on off-season contract work.

Ways to use random acts of kindness to improve your holidays

Intermountain Livewell  |  Posted Dec 14th - 8:00am

Small acts of kindness are easy to do — and they’ll brighten the lives of everyone around you in small ways and help get you in the holiday spirit.

What do you know about CO?

Dominion Energy  |  Posted Dec 13th - 8:00am

As winter approaches, the risk for carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning increases. Understanding some basic information will help keep you and your family safe.

Skiing and more: Utah’s 10 best winter destinations  |  Posted Dec 12th - 9:00pm

Here is the official list of our 10 favorite spots, officially, at least until the next time we sit down and have a deep, respectful conversation with Utah winters and discover another facet of their personality:

10 surefire gifts for the health fanatic on your Christmas list

Fāv Chocolate  |  Posted Dec 12th - 8:00am

Being healthy isn't always easy, but it certainly becomes simpler when healthy choices come in the form of holiday gifts. If you have a special someone in your life who is a total health nut, here are seven gifts that are sure to please.

Don't end up in the ER this holiday season

University Of Utah Health  |  Posted Dec 11th - 9:00pm

Holiday injuries lead to a spike in emergency room visits. Here are some of the more common injuries and tips for how to avoid them.