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4 renovations that can make you love your home again

Amsco Windows  |  Posted May 23rd - 8:00am

While certain renovations are known to improve home value, others are important because they improve a homeowner’s enjoyment of their living space. Here are some ideas of renovations that can help you fall in love with your home all over again.

10 best cars for your next road trip

KSL Cars  |  Posted May 22nd - 9:00pm

It’s road trip season! Time to pack up the gear, grab some friends or family, and explore the continent from a bucket seat. These are our top 10 picks.

4 things besides meat you can grill this summer

Utah Transit Authority  |  Posted May 22nd - 3:00pm

BBQ season is almost here, and people all over Utah are cleaning their grills and marinating the meat. For those who want to experiment with something new this season, check out these four things to grill that aren't meat.

University burn center warns common summer activities bring increased risks

University Of Utah Health  |  Posted May 22nd - 9:27am

The number of burn injuries treated increases in summer as people engage in activities involving fire and incendiary devices, and children are the most at risk to be injured. The five leading causes of summer burn injuries are all preventable.

Overcoming the stigma of protruding ears

Utah Facial Plastics  |  Posted May 21st - 9:52pm

Even in an enlightened 21st Century, bullying remains a problem among children and it often begins when physical features cause a child to look different. One common example is children who have protruding ears.

Why fathers should go with children to their dental appointments

Stubbs Dental  |  Posted May 21st - 8:00am

Any seasoned parent can explain the stress that is taking a child to dentist or doctor appointments. Some experts are saying a lot of your child's dental anxiety can be relieved if dad takes the child to the appointment.

7 ways businesses can take the lead in saving precious Utah water

Salt Lake Chamber  |  Posted May 20th - 8:41am

As spring sun and temperatures begin to melt winter snow and fill Utah’s water sources, the temptation to relax daily water conservation efforts may creep in. But now, more than ever, it's important to

Utah firm's mystery boxes provide cure for summer boredom

Finders Seekers  |  Posted May 19th - 9:00pm

Forget pricey, crowded escape rooms. Instead, experience the world and solve clever puzzles and clues with a mystery box delivered straight to your door every month.

Gross things that could be hiding in your carpet

Giant Carpet One  |  Posted May 16th - 3:00pm

There's something in your home full of bacteria, allergens and junk. And no, it's not your toilet. Even with regular vacuuming, your cleaning routine is no match for nature. Here are a few things that might be hiding in your carpet.

What you need to know about measles

Intermountain Live Well  |  Posted May 16th - 8:00am

Measles was declared eliminated in 2000 in the U.S., but the dangerous virus is making a comeback through imported cases. It’s a serious health concern for communities and especially dangerous for young children.

How to get the perfect steak on your pellet grill

Utah Transit Authority  |  Posted May 15th - 3:00pm

Cooking a steak on a pellet grill can be daunting at first glance, so make it simple with these five tips on how to cook the perfect steak on your pellet grill.

The 4 ways you’re flushing money down the toilet (and what to do about it!)  |  Posted May 15th - 9:41am

There are things you might be spending money on that don’t improve your quality of life or money that is owed to you that you aren’t collecting.

5 sights to see in Antarctica that make the journey unforgettable

Fun for Less Tours  |  Posted May 14th - 3:00pm

It’s not your typical day at the beach, but if you’ve ever longed for an adventurous vacation in a remote locale, it’s time to set your sights to the south — and then even more south. These are a few of the sights you have to see i

Signs you might want to start a new career

Talent Ready Utah  |  Posted May 14th - 8:00am

If you're counting down the minutes to lunch and then again to close, it might be a sign you're ready for a new career. These are a few telltale signs that you're ready to start a new job.

7 ways au pairs reduce stress for Utah parents

Go Go Pair  |  Posted May 11th - 8:00am

With fewer parents staying home with children, other childcare options are more necessary than ever. Costs of daycare and nannies are expensive for some families, but an au pair might be the solution to a busy family's balancing act.

Smartphones are harming your children: here is how you can stop it

Gabb Wireless  |  Posted May 10th - 3:00pm

Science is now backing up what parents have known for years — smartphone use is slowly destroying teens and kids. Now there's a solution that ensures kids can't get around parental blocks or controls.

Window well covers improve home safety, security, and give home a finished look

Wasatch Window Well Covers  |  Posted May 10th - 8:00am

Custom-fit window well covers can help make your home and yard look finished and help prevent a number of unwanted accidents or problems.

What are the water needs of your lawn?

Weber Basin Water Conservancy District  |  Posted May 9th - 8:00am

Knowing how much water your soil holds or needs allows you to know how long to irrigate. Once you know how long to irrigate, you will only adjust the frequency of irrigation as the seasons change.

You’ve got to see these 6 Utah devilish sites

Robert J. DeBry  |  Posted May 8th - 3:00pm

Utah has 61 geographical places and landmarks that contain the word devil — but only 11 names with the word angel. Of those with devilish monikers, here are six that are worthy of a visit in spite of their unwelcoming names.

University running injury clinic helping runners get back on track

University Of Utah Health  |  Posted May 8th - 8:00am

Novice runners are at high risk for injury from things like ramping up too quickly, excessive amounts of running and excessive speed. The University of Utah Health Orthopaedic Center Running Injury Clinic helps runners stay healthy.