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Film explores Chinese Exclusion Act as US immigration 'DNA'

Deepti Hajela, Associated Press  |  Posted   May 27th - 8:53am

Politicians seizing on immigrants as an election issue. Newspaper headlines calling for action. Talk of legislation to institute a ban.

Detroit museum given group of holograms by Louise Bourgeois

The Associated Press  |  Posted   May 27th - 7:19am

Two collectors have donated a group of eight holograms created by artist Louise Bourgeois to the Detroit Institute of Arts .

Glenn Snoddy, inventor of fuzz pedal for guitarists, dies

The Associated Press  |  Posted   May 26th - 1:51pm

A recording engineer whose invention of a pedal that allowed guitarists to create a fuzzy, distorted sound most famously used by Keith Richards in the Rolling Stones' hit "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" has died.

Famed Ivan the Terrible painting attacked at Moscow gallery

The Associated Press  |  Posted   May 26th - 1:49pm

Police in Russia have arrested a man on charges of vandalizing a famous painting by renowned Russian artist Ilya Repin in Moscow.

Los Angeles museums reopen after probe into bomb threat

The Associated Press  |  Posted   May 26th - 12:30pm

Authorities say the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and La Brea Tar Pits Museum have reopened a day after investigators found no risk from a bomb threat.

Morgan Freeman says he did not assault women

David Bauder, Associated Press  |  Posted   May 26th - 11:47am

Morgan Freeman says he likes to compliment people to make them feel at ease around him but that he has never sexually assaulted women.

Meijer Gardens exhibition features sculptor Masayuki Koorida

The Associated Press  |  Posted   May 26th - 8:05am

A new exhibition at Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park features the work of contemporary sculptor Masayuki Koorida.

Legal hurdles may make Weinstein's prosecution an exception

Andrew Dalton, Associated Press  |  Posted   May 26th - 7:34am

Harvey Weinstein's arrest is a landmark moment in the #MeToo movement.

'Sesame Street' sues over new Melissa McCarthy puppet movie

Larry Neumeister, Associated Press  |  Posted   May 25th - 9:27pm

The makers of "Sesame Street" are suing the promoter of a new Melissa McCarthy movie, saying it's abusing the famed puppets' sterling reputation to advertise the R-rated film.

Afroman to pay $65K in lawsuit filed by woman he punched

The Associated Press  |  Posted   May 25th - 6:23pm

Musician and rapper Afroman has agreed to pay $65,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by a woman he punched during a 2015 Mississippi performance.

Alicia Silverstone is divorcing husband of nearly 13 years

The Associated Press  |  Posted   May 25th - 6:05pm

Alicia Silverstone is divorcing her husband of nearly 13 years.

Vindication, triumph, also fear: Weinstein accusers react

Jocelyn Noveck, Associated Press  |  Posted   May 25th - 4:53pm

Watching the stunning images of Harvey Weinstein walking into a courthouse Friday in handcuffs, a detective on each arm, Louisette Geiss still felt a shiver of fear in reaction to the man who, she says, once cornered her and tried to physically force her to watch him masturbate.

Resentment over Trump election helped fuel Weinstein case

David Crary and Jocelyn Noveck, Associated Press  |  Posted   May 25th - 3:20pm

Throughout much of 2017, millions of American women remained resentful that Donald Trump, who'd bragged about sexually assaulting women, had been elected president.

Guest lineups for the Sunday news shows

The Associated Press  |  Posted   May 25th - 3:04pm

Guest lineups for the Sunday TV news shows:

Robert Indiana's home, studio to be transformed into museum

David Sharp, Associated Press  |  Posted   May 25th - 2:35pm

Reclusive pop artist Robert Indiana didn't open his island home to many strangers. That's going to change with his death.

Weinstein turns himself in holding 2 entertainment bios

Hillel Italie, Associated Press  |  Posted   May 25th - 12:37pm

Harvey Weinstein's choice of reading material for his surrender to New York authorities on Friday drew attention to a pair of entertainment biographies.

Hall & Oates still play faves, but Oates has new music, too

Dan Gelston, Associated Press  |  Posted   May 25th - 12:37pm

Daryl Hall and John Oates can still pack arenas with fans who can sing along to the entire set list.

Alleged Weinstein victim: Tough part ahead with his defense

Elaine Ganley, Associated Press  |  Posted   May 25th - 11:06am

A woman who claims she was a victim of Harvey Weinstein in two incidents in the 1990s said alleged survivors she's in touch with feel "elated" at his surrender and arrest Friday, but predicted he'll now "play hard and dirty."

Muscle Shoals drummer Roger Clark dies at 67

The Associated Press  |  Posted   May 25th - 10:47am

Roger Clark, a drummer who contributed to the legendary Muscle Shoals sound, has died.

Coat of Arms is revealed for the new Duchess of Sussex

The Associated Press  |  Posted   May 25th - 9:49am

Britain's Kensington Palace has given details of the newly created Coat of Arms for the former Meghan Markle — an honor which is accorded by tradition to the nobility.