#TechTuesday with Alex Lawrence 06-19-15

   |  Posted Jun 16th, 2015 @ 2:45pm



Thanks as always to Alex Lawrence for bringing us great ideas to help make our connected world a little less complicated.

Spotify Taste Rewind: spotify-tasterewind.com — login to your Spotify account, give this service access, and uses what you listen to and like currently to make and suggest playlists of older music.

Free: www.ffrree.com — Share availability with groups of friends and find places and ways to connect and do things. Fun user interface and in-app experience (add maps, text, video, etc. to communicate about specific activity) — see who is and is not coming.

Inkshares: www.inkshares.com — Tweet book ideas, posted on website and voted on, winners get asked to share more detail. Moves to pre-order and books get published from ideas! Crowdfunded book publishing that is helped by easy social media access.

DrumUp: www.drumup.io — Need to find good and unique articles to read and share on social media? This site lets you enter keywords and does a good job of finding relevant, interesting and unique articles related to your interests. They then make it easy to share these on your social media accounts.

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