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Color is key when packing a healthy picnic

Jenniffer Michaelson  |  Posted  May 26th - 3:01pm

As picnic and BBQ season approaches, many of us are already have plans for an outdoor gathering. Keep in mind when packing for a picnic or camping trip, color is key.

Veggie Bomber Salad

May 24th - 1:50pm

Mix, match and make it your own. This veggie bomber salad is loaded with color and nutrients.

A dramatic change in 100 days for one Utah couple

Jenniffer Michaelson  |  Posted  May 23rd - 11:59am

If you talked to Jay Whatcott earlier this year, he would have told you, “I need to develop some healthier habits.” And, to look at him, you might have suspected why he wanted to make those changes.

IMC offers new heart implant to lower risk of stroke

Daphne Chen  |  Posted  May 21st - 5:05pm

An implantable heart device 11 years in the making will now be available to all eligible Utah patients.

Students and their families learn healthy habits while having a fun night out

Jenniffer Michaelson  |  Posted  May 17th - 12:59pm

When you send your kids off to school, you expect them to learn math, science, and language arts. At East Midvale Elementary, the staff has added health consciousness to the list of subjects students and their families will learn throughout the year.

5 ways to check your overall health at home

Catherine Bosley, CNN  |  Posted  May 14th - 10:25pm

Most of us wonder sometimes just how healthy we are. There are some easy, fast ways to test your overall health at home. The reality is even when you feel okay, there could be underlying problems you don't know about, which brings up the idea of a home health test.

A brief Mother's Day message

Jenniffer Michaelson  |  Posted  May 9th - 12:55pm

Mother's Day is a great way to celebrate all the moms out there. We visited Samuel Morgan Elementary School where the students of Mr. Reeve's class would like to share what makes their moms so special.

Apple or pear? You're body shape could provide valuable insights into your health

Jenniffer Michaelson  |  Posted  Apr 22nd - 2:47pm

A new study brings new light to two kinds of fruits, apples and pears. Now I’m not talking about nutritional value but their shape and where your body stores fat says a lot about your health.

Beef w/Mushroom Pan Sauce, Herb Roasted Potatoes & Steamed Zucchini

Apr 21st - 4:49pm

A hearty, meat and potatoes dish you'll love that's low calorie and low fat. Intermountain Chef Greg McGovern shows us how it's done.

How to conquer the dreaded weight loss plateau

Jenniffer Michaelson  |  Posted  Apr 15th - 10:34am

It’s a term some of us are all too familiar with: the weight loss plateau. Just when you’re feeling like you’re making progress, suddenly it comes to a screeching halt, and you’ve hit the dreaded weight loss plateau.

Park farther away, you'll be glad you did

Jenniffer Michaelson  |  Posted  Apr 12th - 2:07pm

If you’re guilty of circling the parking lot, looking for that perfect spot, you’re not alone. What you may not know is those empty spots at the back of the parking lot that seem like inconvenience, are more of an opportunity.

Heart Healthy Smoothies

Jenniffer Michaelson  |  Posted  Apr 11th - 2:17pm

Looking to add a little extra pizzazz to your morning? Try a smoothie that's not only refreshing but good for your heart. Dr. Steve Weston shares some great fruits and vegetables that pack a healthy punch.

Meditation: good for the whole body

Jenniffer Michaelson  |  Posted  Apr 11th - 1:44pm

We all experience stress. It can be anything from parenting to paying your bills. No matter what gets our blood pressure to rise, we respond to stress differently and have adapted different coping skills. One of the most beneficial is meditation.

The health benefits of talking over text

Jenniffer Michaelson  |  Posted  Mar 24th - 5:37pm

This may come as no surprise but talking trumps texting when it comes to emotional well-being. In this modern age we use our phones for everything. Our constant state of looking down has many of us forgetting how important it is to look up.

Lemon Rosemary Chicken with Cous Cous Salad

Mar 24th - 5:10pm

When you think of school lunches, you often think of processed, unappetizing, unhealthy but not for the head start program here in Salt Lake. Liz Guerrero, head chef of the Head Start Central Kitchen shows us how to make a healthy lemon rosemary chicken with cous cous salad.

Going green to stay lean

Jenniffer Michaelson  |  Posted  Mar 22nd - 3:38pm

If you’re looking to go green to stay lean this year, we’ve picked out a few power picks that are loaded with nutrients to help you on your journey for better health.

Corned Beef Brisket

Mar 17th - 3:21pm

For Your Life Your Health we're celebrating St. Patrick's Day, and what's more IRISH than corned beef? David Hammel from Whole Foods joins teaches us how to make a corned beef brisket.

Reducing sit time dramatically improves health

Jenniffer Michaelson  |  Posted  Mar 10th - 5:35pm

You may have heard the term 'sitting is the new smoking.' Well, not only does it increase your risk of heart disease, but studies say that an extra 40 minutes a day of couch potato behavior will dramatically increase your risk of type II diabetes.

Orange Chili Fish Fillet w/Brown Rice Pilaf & Swiss Chard Gluten & Dairy

Mar 10th - 3:42pm

Ever tried Swai fish? Intermountain Chef Greg McGovern shares a healthy recipe with a unique flavor that's worth it.