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KSL Investigates: Which new schools may be putting students in ‘smog zone’

Tania Dean, KSL TV  |  Posted   Apr 3rd - 7:40am

Utah is known for having some of the worst air in the country at times, and that bad air can be especially bad for kids.

KSL Investigates: Is your warehouse membership worth the cost to shop?

Debbie Dujanovic, Mark Stevens and Emiley Dewey, KSL TV  |  Posted   Feb 27th - 10:42pm

If you have a family, you know grocery shopping can eat up a big chunk of your monthly budget. The KSL Investigators wanted to know if purchasing a warehouse membership would shave a significant amount of money off a family’s grocery budget.

Population growth creating apartment affordability crisis in Utah

Mark Stevens, KSL TV and Debbie Dujanovic, KSL TV  |  Posted   Feb 26th - 10:26pm

Utah's growing economy comes at a cost: As more people move to Utah, apartment prices are rising faster than wages.

KSL Investigates: Growing number of children in gangs

Mark Stevens, KSL TV  |  Posted   Feb 15th - 10:40pm

Two separate Salt Lake County shootings are connected by one fact: They involved teenagers. The KSL Investigators rode along with the Metro Gang Unit to understand causes of a growing problem —children connected to gangs.

KSL Investigates: Mother seeks change to law after 5-day-old baby treated for CO poisoning

Mark Stevens, KSL TV  |  Posted   Feb 14th - 9:00am

A Utah family had to treat their five-day-old infant in a hyperbaric chamber for carbon monoxide poisoning. Their apartment did not have a CO detector.

KSL Investigates: Outsmarting your smart TV

Mark Stevens, KSL TV  |  Posted   Feb 8th - 10:40pm

Smart TV's come loaded features to make consumers lives easier, but the features can also invade consumers privacy.

KSL Investigators: How to avoid being scammed when buying tickets to 'Hamilton'

Mark Stevens, KSL TV  |  Posted   Feb 5th - 11:00pm

Phony tickets. Hidden user fees. Duplicated barcodes. Tickets to the Broadway musical "Hamilton" may be the hardest to come by, and tempting for scammers to try and take unwitting consumers for a ride.

KSL TV investigation prompts bill on dumpster drug disposal

Tania Mashburn and Mike Headrick, KSL TV  |  Posted   Jan 25th - 10:45pm

Dangerous drugs thrown out with the trash. A KSL investigation prompts a Utah lawmaker to propose changes in the law, and a father says it could have saved his son's life.

Utah law: Gov't can't force landlords to provide CO detectors

Mark Stevens, KSL and Debbie Dujanovic, KSL TV  |  Posted   Jan 16th - 10:49pm

Fire departments, 911 dispatchers and poison control centers get hundreds of calls every year regarding carbon monoxide poisoning. The gas is deadly, and KSL found a little-known Utah law is putting families at risk of being poisoned.

How much taxpayer money are Utah cities spending on holiday parties?

Mark Stevens, KSL  |  Posted   Dec 21st - 10:43pm

Utah taxpayers spent $266,000 on Christmas parties since 2014 for government workers. Records KSL obtained through a GRAMA request to 10 of the state's largest city and county governments show thousands of tax dollars spent on food and gift cards.

KSL Investigates: The pros and cons of dollar store shopping

Debbie Dujanovic, KSL TV  |  Posted   Dec 6th - 10:52pm

KSL TV’s investigative team went shopping for more than a hundred items at five dollar stores across Salt Lake County. Here’s what they discovered.

KSL Investigates: Drunk drivers ignoring court orders, little enforcement

Tania Mashburn and Mike Headrick, KSL TV  |  Posted   Nov 15th - 10:43pm

If you're caught driving drunk, you pay the consequences. Get a citation, pay some fines and maybe even go to jail. But the KSL Investigators discovered there's one more step that thousands of drunk drivers are ignoring.

KSL Investigates: Is it time to rethink PhotoCop in Utah?

Emiley Dewey and Debbie Dujanovic, KSL TV  |  Posted   Oct 30th - 11:26pm

You've either seen it or you've done it: You push the pedal to the metal to race through a red light. But what if you knew cameras were watching and waiting to ticket you?

Worthless Verdicts?: KSL investigates tens of thousands of unpaid civil settlements

Mike Headrick, KSL TV  |  Posted   Oct 26th - 10:45pm

Every year in Utah, tens of thousands of people won civil judgments in court cases but claim none of the judgment.

Which app tracks your kids the best? KSL investigates

Sloan Schrage and Debbie Dujanovic, KSL TV  |  Posted   Oct 19th - 10:45pm

If you're a parent or grandparent, you know it's all-out panic when you can't find a child. So, tracking apps come to the rescue. They claim to help locate people fast. The KSL Investigators put several to the test.

Bodycam video shows surprising discovery of drugs in Price dumpster

Tania Mashburn and Mike Headrick, KSL  |  Posted   Oct 3rd - 11:09pm

A discovery inside a dumpster surprises even police. Who threw away 29 pounds of prescription drugs and is it even illegal? KSL Investigates.

Rising number of drug needles left on SLC streets pose a hazard, police say

Debbie Dujanovic and Sloan Schrage  |  Posted   Sep 5th - 11:08pm

Welcome to downtown Salt Lake City, where you can catch a concert, dine on a patio, hit the stores, rent a bike, drop into a bar and more. Just be careful not to step on a used heroin needle while you’re here.

Data shows an increase in July fires after aerials became legal in Utah

Candice Madsen and Debbie Dujanovic  |  Posted   Jul 20th - 10:45pm

The KSL Investigators examined the number of July fires after aerial fireworks became legal in 2011 and discovered the numbers were much higher than before the ban except for the year it rained on July 4th.

Artificial turf temperatures too hot for young athletes? KSL investigates

Debbie Dujanovic  |  Posted   Jul 17th - 10:33pm

Fake grass — or artificial turf — is a growing trend across Utah because it looks good and is pretty low maintenance. But the KSL Investigators got a complaint about how hot it can get, and we decided to test it out for ourselves.

Below the neon lights, hundreds of people call Las Vegas underground tunnels home

Mike Headrick and Tania Mashburn  |  Posted   Jul 13th - 11:52pm

It's not a story for those afraid of the dark. We spent a few days in the city. And just feet below the strip, where people are winning and losing millions, Is an underworld full of people believing there's nowhere else to go.