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Have You Seen This? Dropping a beat with barcode scanners

Martha Ostergar, Contributor  |  Posted Feb 16th - 2:04pm

If you think making music with barcode scanners sounds boring, you’re in for a real beeping treat.

Have You Seen This? If Eminem wrote 'Princess Bride'

Martha Ostergar, Contributor  |  Posted Feb 15th - 2:14pm

My name is (fill in the blank).

Have You Seen This? 'Fire in the hole!' Setting off an explosion in a tunnel

John Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted Feb 14th - 3:46pm

I feel I need to issue the following warning: If you're claustrophobic, have pyrophobia or suffer from phonophobia, I would suggest not watching this video.

Have You Seen This? Kentucky Fried Crocs apparently exist

Lauren Bennett,  |  Posted Feb 13th - 3:12pm

KFC no longer stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken. As of Wednesday, it stands for Kentucky Fried Croc.

Have You Seen This? Man gets entire park to sing Bon Jovi's 'Living on a Prayer'

John Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted Feb 11th - 3:04pm

If you are worried about humanity, I have just the thing to restore your faith in people. And if this video doesn't do it, then maybe humanity should be worried about you.

Have You Seen This? This little girl should never let go of ‘Let It Go’

Martha Ostergar, Contributor  |  Posted Feb 8th - 2:45pm

Her passion and drama definitely exceeds the original performance.

Have You Seen This? Wasatch Academy hooper crushes Mount Pleasant rim

Sean Walker,  |  Posted Feb 7th - 5:45pm

It was senior night Wednesday at consensus top-10 nationally ranked Wasatch Academy when junior Brennan Rigsby forced a turnover, cruised down the court in transition, and sent the sellout crowd watching the Tigers' final regular-season home game against Layton Christian into a frenzy.

Have You Seen This? Dog takes itself sledding, no ‘hoomans’ required

Katie Workman,  |  Posted Feb 5th - 7:31pm

This is a strong, independent dog who’s going sledding — with or without a human by its side.

Have You Seen This? NFL mic'd up flag football kids and the results are brilliant

John Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted Feb 4th - 3:55pm

We know kids are hilarious and often say some of the most incredible things, but they may be at their best when playing flag football.

Have You Seen This? 9-year-old rocks the talent show with Napoleon Dynamite dance

Graham Dudley,  |  Posted Feb 2nd - 2:01pm

A 9-year-old boy is going viral this week after his mother recorded his rendition of the iconic Napoleon Dynamite dance for his school talent show.

Have You Seen This? Dad and daughter play epic game of rock, paper, scissors

John Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted Jan 31st - 4:02pm

I think this is how this classic game should always be played. We should send this to Congress and make it a law.

Have You Seen This? Fan creates portrait of Kobe Bryant out of Rubik's Cubes

Lauren Bennett,  |  Posted Jan 29th - 6:58pm

The video shows a young man solving Rubik's Cubes as he puts them in a crate on the wall. Eventually, an image of Kobe Bryant begins to form.

Have You Seen This? Guy snaps selfie every day for 20 years

John Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted Jan 28th - 4:41pm

We've seen these before, but 20 years worth of selfies is pretty incredible.

Have You Seen This? Toddler becomes film critic

Katie Workman,  |  Posted Jan 27th - 3:01pm

This kid just watched Aladdin, and it’s as cute as you’d imagine. Here’s that Monday motivation you were searching for. Warning: an infectious smile will likely cross your face.

Have You Seen This? Staff 'lovingly' wakes up coworker

Martha Ostergar, Contributor  |  Posted Jan 26th - 5:29pm

Only winners deserve applause, but it all depends on your definition of “winner.”

Have You Seen This? Woman plays two recorders — with her nose

Martha Ostergar, Contributor  |  Posted Jan 25th - 1:52pm

Maybe she’s born with it; maybe it’s Maybelline.

Have You Seen This? Toddler adorably struggles to eat a banana

John Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted Jan 24th - 4:36pm

Sometimes, all you want is a banana — and sometimes the world just says "no."

Have You Seen This? Wheelchair won't stop this dog from swimming

Katie Workman,  |  Posted Jan 23rd - 3:03pm

There’s a swathe of things to love about this video. Most of all, it’s this dog’s determination to join his friend in the pool — despite any amount of chaos it causes.

Have You Seen This? Elephant packs its trunk for early morning wake-up call

Grant Olsen, Contributor  |  Posted Jan 22nd - 3:20pm

It’s time to address the elephant in the room. Namely, the Asian elephant that is seen in a recent video ambling through a luxury hotel.