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The Latest: Tunisia projections say professor wins election

The Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 13th - 1:13pm

The Latest on the Tunisia presidential election (all times local):

Wedding attack suspect is stepson of recently slain minister

The Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 13th - 7:47am

The man charged with wounding a clergyman and a bride during a wedding at a New Hampshire church is the stepson of a minister from the same church who was killed earlier this month, a state prosecutor said Sunday.

Pope canonizes John Henry Newman, unifier in a divided world

The Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 13th - 2:22am

Pope Francis is canonizing Cardinal John Henry Newman, the 19th-century Anglican convert who became an immensely influential, unifying figure in both the Anglican and Catholic churches.

Tunisia polls suggest conservative professor wins election

Bouazza Ben Bouazza, Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 13th - 1:03am

A conservative, Islamist-backed law professor looked set to assume Tunisia's presidency after polling agencies suggested he overwhelmingly won Sunday's runoff election in the country that unleashed the Arab Spring pro-democracy uprisings.

The Latest: Man charged in New Hampshire church shooting

The Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 12th - 12:43pm

The Latest on the shooting at a New Hampshire church (all times local):

Police respond to a church shooting in New Hampshire

The Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 12th - 10:24am

Police in New Hampshire have responded to a church in Pelham for reports of a shooting.

AP Explains: Columbus, once immigrant hero, now heel to some

Russell Contreras, Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 11th - 3:13pm

The image and story of Christopher Columbus, the 15th century navigator who began European incursions into the Americas, have changed in the U.S. over the decades. Columbus was an obscure figure until his adventures were revitalized in the 1800s. By the 1990s, a new generation of Native American activists blamed the navigator for launching centuries of indigenous genocide. With Columbus Day falling on Monday in the U.S. — and now being called Indigenous Peoples' Day in some states — here's a look at how views of Christopher Columbus have changed over the years:

Religious right sticks by Trump as political heat rises

Elana Schor, Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 11th - 10:20am

a move that imperils scores of Kurdish Muslims and Christians in the region. Although Trump's Syria pullback is alarming conservative Christians whose support he needs to win reelection, their rallying against his impeachment indicates a bond that appears strong enough to withstand the current foreign policy rift as 2020 balloting nears.

Pope accepts resignation of NYC bishop accused of abuse

The Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 10th - 4:33am

Pope Francis accepted the resignation of a New York City bishop who was accused of sexually abusing a teenage boy in the 1980s, the Vatican said Thursday.

Germany probes synagogue suspect, pledges better security

Geir Moulson and Pietro By Cristofaro, Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 10th - 2:01am

German investigators puzzled Thursday over how the suspect in a botched attack on a synagogue on Judaism's holiest day managed to amass at least 4 kilograms (nearly 9 pounds) of explosives and acquire four firearms, an arsenal they said he planned to use in a massacre.

QUIZ: How much do you know about Yom Kippur?

Liesl Nielsen,  |  Posted Oct 9th - 6:31pm

You may have heard about the Jewish holiday Yom Kippur, but how much do you actually know about it?

China demands US lift tech curbs, will 'safeguard' interests

Joe McDonald, Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 8th - 9:35pm

China demanded Washington lift sanctions on Chinese tech companies and warned Wednesday it will "resolutely safeguard" the country's interests.

Armed men attack Burkina Faso mosque, kill at least 16

The Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 13th - 11:29am

A local official says armed men stormed the grand mosque in Burkina Faso's northern village of Salmossi on Friday, killing at least 16 people and wounding two others.

Thousands in Berlin protest against rising anti-Semitism

The Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 13th - 8:57am

Thousands of people have protested in Berlin against rising anti-Semitism, days after a man attacked a synagogue in the eastern German city of Halle.

Bangladesh indicts 8 for 2015 killing of publisher

The Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 13th - 6:27am

A court in Bangladesh's capital on Sunday indicted eight suspected Islamist militants tied to a banned group over the 2015 killing of a man who published books on secularism and atheism.

Pope, Amazon bishops alarmed by Ecuador violence

The Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 13th - 5:30am

Pope Francis is appealing for peace in Ecuador following a day of attacks on government buildings and media offices that prompted a curfew.

New Hampshire governor says police have responded to a shooting at a church in Pelham

The Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 12th - 10:23am

New Hampshire governor says police have responded to a shooting at a church in Pelham.

Pompeo talks religious freedom in Nashville speech

Kimberlee Kruesi, Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 11th - 1:50pm

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday continued to raise the alarm about religious freedoms around the world, receiving a warm welcome in Tennessee as his department faced heightened scrutiny amid the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

Livestreaming site Twitch: Video showing shooting near German synagogue that killed 2 was streamed on its site

The Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 9th - 12:14pm

Livestreaming site Twitch: Video showing shooting near German synagogue that killed 2 was streamed on its site .