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Utah mosque invites people to 'Meet The Muslims'

Mike Anderson  |  Posted  Dec 3rd - 9:33am

The imam of a Utah mosque says controversial statements made by Donald Trump have brought on a sudden interest in Islam.

Romania accused of discriminating against Hungarian festival

Alison Mutler, Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 6th - 4:50am

The Romanian culture ministry has discriminated against Hungarians in the country by failing to win international recognition for a religious festival, an ethnic Hungarian politician said Tuesday.

Ransomed: The race to free 226 Christian hostages in Syria

Lori Hinnant, Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 6th - 1:10am

Deep inside Syria, a bishop worked secretly to save the lives of 226 members of his flock from the Islamic State group — by amassing millions of dollars from his community around the world to buy their freedom.

Ransomed: The freeing of 226 Christians from Islamic State

Lori Hinnant, Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 6th - 1:02am

The millions in ransom money came in dollar by dollar, euro by euro from around the world. The donations, raised from church offerings, a Christmas concert, and the diaspora of Assyrian Christians on Facebook, landed in a bank account in Iraq. Its ultimate destination: the Islamic State group.

AP Explains: What's behind persecution of Myanmar's Rohingya

Grant Peck, Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 5th - 7:01pm

Myanmar's Muslim Rohingya minority face discrimination and violence from the Buddhist majority in the Southeast Asian country. Their plight generally goes unnoticed by the world at large, even though some rights activists say their persecution amounts to ethnic cleansing. Here are several things to know about the group:

Muslim cleric appears in court fighting against deportation

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 5th - 5:50pm

The leader of one of New Jersey's largest mosques, who is accused of lying on his green card application, was in court Monday to fight deportation.

Argentina prosecutor: Priests abused at least 22 children

Almudena Calatrava, Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 5th - 2:31pm

At least 22 children were sexually abused by two priests at a school for youths with hearing disabilities in Argentina, an investigating prosecutor said Monday.

Muslim police officer says man threatened her and her son

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 4th - 10:00pm

Police are investigating a possible bias incident in which an off-duty New York City police officer who is Muslim says she and her 16-year-old son were harassed.

Russian patriarch blesses new Paris church, a Putin project

Angela Charlton, Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 4th - 2:01pm

The patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church consecrated a prominent new church Sunday near the Eiffel Tower seen as a controversial symbol of Russian President Vladimir Putin's influence in Europe.

46 claims filed in 2 months to priest abuse victims program

Jennifer Peltz, Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 4th - 12:01pm

It took 30 years for a former student to be ready to report he'd been sexually abused by a respected Roman Catholic priest on high school trips. But it didn't take long to realize the priest wouldn't be held accountable in court.

Chaos erupts as Iraq delivers aid to Mosul

Hadi Mizban and Susannah George, Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 4th - 10:10am

Chaos erupted in eastern Mosul on Sunday when hundreds of civilians overwhelmed aid trucks distributing food and water.

Uzbekistan votes in first election since autocrat's death

Nataliya Vasilyeva, Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 4th - 8:24am

Uzbekistan held a tightly controlled presidential election Sunday, the first vote since the death of authoritarian leader Islam Karimov who ruled the country for 27 years.

Malaysian PM leads protest against 'genocide' of Rohingya

Eileen Ng, Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 3rd - 10:22pm

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak led a protest rally Sunday against what he called a "genocide" of Myanmar's Muslim Rohingya minority, as he urged Asian neighbors and the world to step up the pressure to stop the violence.

Malaysian PM leads protest against 'genocide' of Rohingya

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 3rd - 9:31pm

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has led a protest rally against what he called a "genocide" of Muslim Rohingya minority in Myanmar.

Indonesians rally for tolerance after blasphemy protests

Ali Kotarumalos and Stephen Wright, Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 3rd - 9:30pm

Tens of thousands of Indonesians rallied in the center of the capital Jakarta on Sunday, calling for tolerance and unity after massive protests by conservative Muslims against the city's minority Christian governor.

Uzbekistan has first election since Soviet-era ruler's death

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 3rd - 6:21pm

Voters in Uzbekistan are casting ballots Sunday in the tightly controlled, ex-Soviet nation's first presidential election since the death of Islam Karimov, the authoritarian leader who ruled for 27 years.

US cautions crackdown in Myanmar could radicalize Muslims

Matthew Pennington, Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 3rd - 11:20am

It's a scene straight out of Myanmar's dark past: a military offensive waged beyond world view that forces ethnic minority villagers from the smoldering ruins of their homes.

Muslim cleric heads back to court to fight off deportation

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 3rd - 11:00am

The leader of one of New Jersey's largest mosques is heading to court to fight from being deported after federal authorities say he lied on his green card application.

Ruins of homes in Kirkuk a sign of divisions to come in Iraq

Balint Szlanko, Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 3rd - 12:40am

All along the street, houses have been reduced to rubble in the central Iraqi city of Kirkuk. The work of Kurdish security forces retaliating against Sunni Arabs after a recent Islamic State group attack, residents say.