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Virus limits next Tokyo Olympic test event to Japanese-only

Stephen Wade, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 20th - 12:06am

A test event for the Tokyo Olympics scheduled for later this month that would have involved some non-Japanese athletes is being revamped because of fear of the spreading virus from China.

'Black in Space' looks at final frontier of civil rights

Russell Contreras, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 19th - 9:18pm

In 1959, Ronald Erwin McNair walked into a South Carolina library. The 9-year-old aspiring astronaut wanted to check out a calculus book, but a librarian threatened to call the police if he didn't leave. McNair was black.

Claws of health? Lobster blood could play role in new drugs

Patrick Whittle, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 19th - 11:34am

Maine lobsters have long delighted tourists as the state's most beloved seafood. But one company thinks the crustaceans can save human lives by providing their blood for use in new drugs.

Students push universities to stop investing in fossil fuels

Michael Melia, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 19th - 10:51am

Students alarmed by climate change are stepping up pressure on universities to pull investments from fossil fuel industries, an effort that is gaining traction at prestigious schools like Georgetown, Harvard and Yale.

Virologist: Tokyo Olympics probably couldn't be held now

Stephen Wade, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 19th - 4:24am

A respected Japanese virologist on Wednesday said if the Tokyo Olympics were tomorrow, the games probably couldn't be held because of the fast-spreading virus from Wuhan, China.

'Silicon Slopes is all of Utah': Organization announces new southeastern Utah chapter

Liesl Nielsen,  |  Posted Feb 18th - 7:00pm

Silicon Slopes launched a new chapter in Carbon and Emery counties in a bid to build "homegrown companies" by "homegrown entrepreneurs."

SpaceX aims to launch up to 4 tourists into super high orbit

Marcia Dunn, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 18th - 11:48am

SpaceX aims to launch up to four tourists into a super high orbit, possibly by the end of next year.

Did dinosaur blood run hot or cold? Their eggshells may hold a clue

Katie Hunt, CNN  |  Posted Feb 18th - 11:33am

The image of cold-blooded, scaly, reptilian dinosaurs imprinted in our imaginations by movies like "Jurassic Park" may be inaccurate.

Experts ponder why cruise ship quarantine failed in Japan

Maria Cheng and Mari Yamaguchi, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 18th - 3:01am

As an extraordinary two-week quarantine of a cruise ship ends Wednesday in Japan, many scientists say it was a failed experiment: The ship seemed to become an incubator for a new virus instead of an isolation facility meant to prevent the worsening of an outbreak.

Utah cases show how scammers defraud the elderly

Pat Reavy, KSL  |  Posted Feb 16th - 6:56pm

An 86-year-old Sanpete County man thought he had won not one, but two multimillion-dollar sweepstakes.

Farmer discovers new Tyrannosaur species, one of the oldest of its kind ever found

Ashley Strickland, CNN  |  Posted Feb 16th - 6:12pm

Tyrannosaurus rex, the king of the dinosaurs, has gained a new family member.

UN: Antarctic high temp records will take months to verify

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 16th - 7:39am

Record high temperatures reportedly measured in Antarctica will take months to verify, the U.N. weather agency said Sunday.

Women who have general anesthesia during C-sections are more likely to experience postpartum depression, study finds

Harmeet Kaur, CNN  |  Posted Feb 15th - 8:51pm

Women who have general anesthesia during C-sections are significantly more likely to experience severe postpartum depression resulting in hospitalization, suicidal thoughts or self-harm, according to a study published last week.

Invasive bug found feeding on avocado plants in Hawaii

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 15th - 5:23pm

An invasive bug was discovered feeding on avocado leaves across the state of Hawaii and was most recently found on Maui plants in retail outlets, entomologists said.

Candy, cheese soar to space station to satisfy crew cravings

Marcia Dunn, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 15th - 1:22pm

A cargo ship rocketed toward the International Space Station on Saturday, carrying candy and cheese to satisfy the astronauts' cravings.

BLM to fund 11,000 miles of fuel breaks in basin states, including Utah

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 15th - 10:00am

The Bureau of Land Management has announced plans to fund 11,000 miles (17,703 kilometers) of strategic fuel breaks in Idaho, Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada and Utah in an effort to help control wildfires.

Russia will replace 2 cosmonauts set for launch to space

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 19th - 2:12pm

Russia's space agency said Wednesday that two cosmonauts scheduled to launch to the International Space Station will be replaced with alternates for medical reasons.

Scientist nabbed for Russia spying is Mexico hometown hero

Mark Stevenson, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 19th - 11:04am

A Mexican microbiologist accused of spying for Russia in Miami is considered a benefactor in his native state of Oaxaca, the mayor of his hometown said Wednesday, and he holds positions with at least two prominent universities.

Courtroom psychology tests may be unreliable, study finds

Christina Larson, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 16th - 6:30am

Courts are not properly screening out unreliable psychological and IQ tests, allowing junk science to be used as evidence, researchers have concluded. Such tests can sway judges or juries and influence whether someone gets custody of a child or is eligible for bail or capital punishment.