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Qantas completes longest non-stop New York-Sydney flight

The Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 19th - 10:33pm

Australia's Qantas on Sunday completed the first non-stop commercial flight from New York to Sydney, which was used to run a series of tests to assess the effects of ultra long-haul flights on crew fatigue and passenger jetlag.

Move over, Honeycrisp: New apple to debut at grocery stores

Nicholas K. Geranios, Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 19th - 9:09am

They call it the Cosmic Crisp. It's not a video game, a superhero or the title of a Grateful Dead song.

Artist uses 'historic' markers to raise climate awareness

Michael Casey, Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 19th - 7:46am

New England is awash in historic markers, but a handful of plaques popping up in a New Hampshire town are different.

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's Syrian mission-accomplished moment

Calvin Woodward, Hope Yen, and Lolita C. Baldor, Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 19th - 6:47am

As President Donald Trump describes it, the U.S. swooped into an intractable situation in the Middle East, achieved an agreement within hours that had eluded the world for years and delivered a "great day for civilization."

What is social media’s role in combating the spread of misinformation?

Kim Bojorquez, KSL  |  Posted Oct 18th - 10:01pm

Facebook's director of governance and strategic initiatives says the company is creating an oversight board to address tough content questions.

Kayakers find partially fossilized bear skull in Kansas

The Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 18th - 10:30am

Two sisters have found a partially fossilized bear skull while kayaking the Arkansas River in south-central Kansas.

World's 1st female spacewalking team makes history

Marcia Dunn, Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 18th - 5:43am

The world's first female spacewalking team made history high above Earth on Friday, floating out of the International Space Station to fix a broken part of the power network.

Deep-sea explorers find Japanese ship that sank during WWII

Caleb Jones, Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 17th - 10:38pm

Deep-sea explorers scouring the world's oceans for sunken World War II ships are focusing in on debris fields deep in the Pacific, in an area where one of the most decisive battles of the time took place.

Utah tech company Galileo completes $77M funding round

Liesl Nielsen,  |  Posted Oct 17th - 8:04pm

Nearly 20 years ago, Clay Wilkes was the proud father of 10 grown children and comfortably retired. Now, he's recently finished leading Utah tech company Galileo through a $77 million funding round.

Study: California's big July quakes strain major fault

John Antczak, Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 17th - 3:07pm

The earthquakes that hammered the Southern California desert near the town of Ridgecrest last summer involved ruptures on a web of interconnected faults and increased strain on a major nearby fault that has begun to slowly move, according to a new study.

Mars lander's digger is burrowing again after snag

Marcia Dunn, Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 17th - 1:34pm

A Mars lander's digger is burrowing into the red planet again after hitting a snag seven months ago.

Weather Service winter forecast: A bit warmer, but chaotic

Seth Borenstein, Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 17th - 10:51am

Expect big swings in weather this winter, government forecasters say.

Space station's 2 women prep for 1st all-female spacewalk

Marcia Dunn, Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 17th - 10:20am

Men have floated out the hatch on all 420 spacewalks conducted over the past half-century.

Queuing for eternity: Fossils show lining up is primal urge

Frank Jordans, Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 17th - 9:03am

Ever felt like you've been queuing forever?

Asana Anatomy of Work Index Reveals: Employees Spend Nearly Two-Thirds of Their Day on Work About Work

Business Wire, Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 17th - 7:01am

ultimately giving them valuable time back in their day to focus on what matters most.”

London commuters scuffle with climate activists

Mike Corder, Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 17th - 3:26am

Angry commuters scuffled with climate activists who climbed onto the roofs of trains early Thursday, snarling services in the busy morning rush hours in the British capital.

Groups: Saving Mexican gray wolves requires new approach

Susan Montoya Bryan, Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 16th - 10:04pm

Dozens of environmental groups and scientists have asked U.S. wildlife managers to rethink how they plan to ensure the survival of Mexican gray wolves in the Southwest.

California earthquake alerts to become available statewide

John Antczak, Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 16th - 3:11pm

Earthquake early warning alerts will become publicly available throughout California for the first time this week, potentially giving people time to protect themselves from harm, the Governor's Office of Emergency Services said Wednesday.

European Medicines Agency recommends licensing Ebola vaccine

The Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 18th - 5:29am

The European Medicines Agency has recommended that the world's first Ebola vaccine be approved, after it was administered to hundreds of thousands of people in Africa.