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DNA evidence key to solving many cold cases

Alex Cabrero, KSL TV  |  Posted Dec 15th - 8:06am

The grainy video is proof that the murder of 72-year old Wilhelmina Reid happened a long time ago.

Strong quake kills 1, collapses building in Philippines

The Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 15th - 3:09am

A strong earthquake jolted the southern Philippines on Sunday, killing at least one person and causing a three-story building to collapse, setting off a search for people feared to have been trapped inside, officials said.

US finally giving boot to official foot measurement

Seth Borenstein, Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 14th - 6:37am

Change is afoot for the official measuring stick used to size up big places in America.

Disagreement drags UN climate talks into a 2nd extra day

Frank Jordans, Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 14th - 2:25am

U.N. climate talks in Madrid dragged into a second day of extra time Sunday, with officials from almost 200 countries unable to break the deadlock on key points of difference.

North Korea says new tests will help it counter US threats

Kim Tong-Hyung, Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 14th - 12:06am

North Korea said it successfully performed another “crucial test” at its long-range rocket launch site that will further strengthen its nuclear deterrent.

Study links frozen embryo transfer to higher childhood cancer risk

Jen Christensen, CNN  |  Posted Dec 13th - 7:47pm

Children born after the use of frozen embryo transfer were at higher risk of childhood cancer, according to a new study, but the risk remains low.

Specialist teams hope to recover last 2 volcano victims

Mark Baker and Steve McMorran, Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 13th - 6:33pm

Specialist teams were due to return to New Zealand's volcanic White Island on Sunday to resume a land search for the bodies of two victims of an eruption which has now claimed 15 lives.

Opponents warn of staff exodus as US breaks up lands bureau

Ken Ritter and Brady McCombs, Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 13th - 2:54pm

Opponents of the Trump administration's plan to break up the Washington, D.C., headquarters of the country's public lands bureau are warning of a brain drain, saying many staffers who are being reassigned are opting to quit rather than move out West.

There have been at least 1,300 flu deaths in the US so far this season, CDC estimates

John Bonifield and Jamie Gumbrecht, CNN  |  Posted Dec 13th - 1:30pm

At least 1,300 people have died from the flu so far this season, according to a preliminary estimate released Friday by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In surprise decision, US approves muscular dystrophy drug

Matthew Perrone, Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 13th - 12:28pm

U.S. health regulators approved a second drug for a debilitating form of muscular dystrophy, a surprise decision after the medication was rejected for safety concerns just four months ago.

Climate talks head into overtime with key issues unresolved

Aritz Parra and Frank Jordans, Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 13th - 4:02am

Officials from almost 200 countries hunkered down for another night of talks late Friday as a U.N. climate meeting in Madrid went into overtime without agreement on key issues.

Tramadol is an odd, unpredictable opioid, scientists say

The Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 12th - 11:43pm

particularly when combined with other drugs — can cause the respiratory depression that leads to overdose deaths. The United Kingdom, for example, decided to regulate the drug in 2014, after researchers found that as the number of tramadol prescriptions increased, so did the number of times it was mentioned on death certificates. But it has not as routinely caused overdose as more traditional opioids. Users who take too much often first have a side effect different than other opioids: an overload of serotonin that causes seizures.

As California thins forests to limit fire risk, some resist

Matthew Brown and Christina Larson, Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 12th - 11:39pm

Buzzing chainsaws are interrupted by the frequent crash of breaking branches as crews fell towering trees and clear tangled brush in the densely forested Santa Cruz Mountains south of San Francisco.

New Mexico zoo cares for endangered Mexican gray wolves

The Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 12th - 10:11pm

Albuquerque’s zoo is celebrating the survival of one of three Mexican gray wolf pups born at the facility this year.

New Zealand recovers 6 bodies from toxic volcanic island

Mark Baker and Steve McMorran, Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 12th - 7:59pm

As grieving families sang traditional Maori songs, New Zealand military specialists wearing protective gear landed on a small volcanic island on Friday and recovered six bodies of the 16 people who died in an eruption four days earlier.

California considers requiring zero emission truck sales

Adam Beam, Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 12th - 5:06pm

The country's most populous state could become the first to require a portion of new truck sales be electric or “zero emission” vehicles as California grapples with how to clean up its worst-in-the nation air quality.

US and China near deal that would suspend planned tariffs

Paul Wiseman, Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 12th - 2:57pm

The Trump administration and China are close to finalizing a modest trade agreement that would suspend tariffs that are set to kick in Sunday, de-escalating their 17-month trade war.

Boeing's crew capsule declared ready for 1st space flight

Marcia Dunn, Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 12th - 2:03pm

Boeing's Starliner crew capsule finally has a launch date for its first test flight to the International Space Station.

Alaska island volcano erupts, sends ash cloud to Bering Sea

Dan Joling, Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 12th - 1:06pm

A short eruption of a volcano in Alaska's Aleutian Islands sent an ash cloud soaring into the sky Thursday near a lightly populated area.