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Teen climate activist gets Normandy's first Freedom Prize

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 21st - 9:13am

Swedish teen climate change activist Greta Thunberg has received the first Freedom Prize awarded by France's Normandy region, which last month commemorated the 75th D-Day anniversary.

Moon back in NASA's court 50 years after 1st lunar landing

Marcia Dunn, Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 21st - 6:44am

Fifty years after humanity's first lunar footsteps, the moon is back in NASA's court.

Pope: Moon landing inspires progress on justice, environment

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 21st - 4:27am

Pope Francis is hoping that the 50th anniversary of the first moon walk inspires efforts to help our "common home" on Earth.

Heat and humidity grip East Coast as Midwest gets reprieve

Philip Marcelo, Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 21st - 3:34am

The East Coast on Sunday sweated through another day of extreme heat and humidity as organizers in Boston canceled a benefit run, Delaware Civil War re-enactors got the day off and the New York Police Department implored residents to take it easy.

Passengers on Southwest flight get Nintendo Switch

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 20th - 8:44pm

Passengers on a Southwest Airlines flight got more than a small bottle of water when they boarded their plane.

Experience America's race to the moon through travel

Jason Carlton, KSL  |  Posted Jul 20th - 8:02pm

President Kennedy set the timer on America's goal to land a man on the moon by 1970. Fifty years later, America has set its sights on landing people on the moon again. Visiting the historical sites builds excitement for the modern-day space race.

'Survive, not enjoy': Heat, humidity gripping half the US

Jennifer Peltz, Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 20th - 5:04pm

Americans from Texas to Maine sweated out a steamy Saturday as a heat wave canceled events from festivals to horse races, chased baseball fans out of their seats and pushed New York City to order steps to avoid straining the electrical system.

State employee badly bruises face when driverless shuttle abruptly stops

Jed Boal, KSL TV  |  Posted Jul 20th - 3:47pm

A state employee got his face badly bruised earlier this week when the driverless shuttle he was riding came to an abrupt stop, and he hit the floor.

Equifax reportedly near deal to pay about $700 million over data breach

Victoria Cavaliere, CNN  |  Posted Jul 20th - 3:15pm

Credit reporting agency Equifax is nearing a deal to pay about $700 million to state and federal regulators to settle probes stemming from a data breach that exposed the personal information of nearly 150 million people, according to two published reports.

The Latest: Pence marks Apollo 11 anniversary at launch site

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 20th - 11:51am

The Latest on the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing (all times local):

Russian capsule carrying 3 docks with space station

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 20th - 11:03am

A Russian space capsule with three astronauts aboard has docked with the International Space Station after a fast-track trip to the orbiting laboratory.

Native Hawaiians say telescope represents bigger struggle

Jennifer Sinco Kelleher, Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 20th - 8:39am

Walter Ritte has been fighting for decades to protect Native Hawaiian rights, inspiring a new generation of activists trying to stop construction of a giant telescope they see as representative of a bigger struggle.

Nation marks 50 years after Apollo 11's 'giant leap' on moon

Marcia Dunn, Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 20th - 8:09am

A moonstruck nation celebrated the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11's "giant leap" by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin at parties, races, ball games and concerts Saturday, toasting with Tang and gobbling MoonPies.

Retired Utah Sen. Jake Garn never imagined he'd one day leave the planet

Dennis Romboy  |  Posted Jul 19th - 3:32pm

Never did retired U.S. Sen. Jake Garn, the "little kid from Richfield, Utah," imagine that he would one day leave the planet.

Pocket-sized shark squirts glowing clouds from pockets

Janet McConnaughey, Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 19th - 2:38pm

A pocket-sized pocket shark found in the Gulf of Mexico has turned out to be a new species.

Hawaii officials want a peaceful end to telescope protests

Caleb Jones and Audrey McAvoy, Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 19th - 1:12pm

Officials in Hawaii said Friday that they will not call up additional National Guard troops or use force on peaceful telescope protesters blocking access to the state's highest peak.

The moon landing was a giant leap for movies, too

Jake Coyle, Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 19th - 9:43am

In 1964, Stanley Kubrick, on the recommendation of the science-fiction author Arthur C. Clarke, bought a telescope.

Apollo 11 astronauts reunite on 50th anniversary of moonshot

Marcia Dunn, Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 19th - 9:27am

Apollo 11 astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins reunited Friday on the eve of the 50th anniversary of humanity's first moon landing.

Virgin Orbit in launch deal with UK's Royal Air Force

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 19th - 8:43am

Virgin Orbit says it has been selected by the United Kingdom's Royal Air Force to provide launches of small satellites on short notice.

The Latest: Mayor: No National Guard for telescope protests

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 19th - 6:01pm

The Latest on protests of a telescope on Hawaii mountain (all times local):