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Mini Mercury skips across sun's vast glare in rare transit

Marcia Dunn, Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 11th - 10:33am

Mini Mercury skipped across the vast, glaring face of the sun Monday in a rare celestial transit.

Scientists develop sensor to save children and pets from hot car deaths

Rob Picheta, CNN  |  Posted Nov 11th - 9:33am

Scientists in Canada have developed a sensor that detects and raises the alarm when children or pets are left alone in a car.

Hate heart-healthy veggies? It could be genetic

Sandee Lamotte, CNN  |  Posted Nov 11th - 8:18am

If certain vegetables have always made you gag, you may be more than a picky eater. Instead, you might be what scientists call a "super-taster:" a person with a genetic predisposition to taste food differently.

Inamori Foundation Presents 2019 Kyoto Prizes

Business Wire, Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 11th - 8:04am

a revolutionary technology with broad application in lighting and flat-panel displays, now ubiquitous in products ranging from smartphones to flat-screen TVs.

SpaceX launches 60 more mini satellites for global internet

Marcia Dunn, Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 11th - 7:57am

SpaceX launched 60 mini satellites Monday, the second batch of an orbiting network meant to provide global internet coverage.

Iran awards prestigious prize to 2 US-educated scientists

The Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 11th - 2:40am

Iran on Monday awarded a top prize in the study of science and technology to two U.S.-educated scientists.

Colleges are helping students start careers in esports

Shannon Liao, CNN Business  |  Posted Nov 9th - 10:20pm

Colleges have long helped students get jobs in finance, education and other industries. But now a handful of US-based universities are playing a role in launching careers in the competitive video gaming world.

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's 'read the transcript' impeachment cry

Hope Yen and Calvin Woodward, Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 9th - 9:43am

It's been his drumbeating demand for more than a week: "Read the transcript!"

Mural of activist Greta Thunberg going up in San Francisco

The Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 8th - 3:44pm

Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg is staring down at pedestrians in the heart of San Francisco where an artist is painting a massive mural of the Nobel Peace Prize nominee.

Nevada reviews possible mining threat to unique wildflower

Scott Sonner, Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 8th - 2:57pm

Nevada is launching a comprehensive review of the status of a desert wildflower that isn't known to exist anywhere else in the world because of concerns about potential effects from new mining exploration.

After years of waiting, Tesla will finally reveal its electric pickup

Peter Valdes-dapena, CNN Business  |  Posted Nov 8th - 2:30pm

The long-awaited Tesla pickup truck will finally be unveiled on Nov. 21 near the SpaceX rocket factory in Los Angeles, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced on Twitter.

Got a weird text? A telecom vendor says it’s to blame

Tali Arbel, Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 8th - 10:00am

If you woke up to a weird text that seemed totally out of place, you aren’t alone. A mysterious wave of missives swept America’s phones overnight, delivering confusing messages from friends, family and the occasional ex.

Seismologists measure shake from fans at MLS championship

The Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 11th - 11:43am

Seismologists in Washington state have used Major League Soccer's championship as an opportunity to study information collected while fans shook the stadium.

Quake widely felt across Hawaii's Big Island, but no damage

The Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 11th - 11:40am

A moderate earthquake has been felt across Hawaii's Big Island, but there are no immediate reports of damage.

Putin bemoans continued corruption at space base

The Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 11th - 5:09am

Russian President Vladimir Putin is complaining to his cabinet that widescale corruption at Russia's new space launch facility is continuing.

Egypt says it's unearthed large animal mummy, likely a lion

The Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 11th - 3:49am

Egypt's Ministry of Antiquities says local archeologists have unearthed the mummy of an unusually large animal, most likely a lion or lioness.

Noose found at Oregon Health & Science University

The Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 10th - 12:55pm

Officials at Oregon Health & Science University are investigating the placement of a noose found in a secure area of campus.

Arizona grassland may be landing site for Boeing spacecraft

The Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 8th - 9:53pm

A flat desert grassland in southeastern Arizona is being considered as a potential landing site for a new reusable spacecraft.

Update on the latest business

The Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 8th - 11:21am

Stocks are drifting between small gains and losses on Wall Street as traders wait for more clarity on where things stand with trade talks between the U.S. and China.