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'House With a Clock in Its Walls' ticks to No. 1 in theaters

Jake Coyle, Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 23rd - 1:25pm

The gothic family fantasy "The House With a Clock in Its Walls" exceeded expectations to debut with an estimated $26.9 million in ticket sales at the weekend box office, while audiences showed considerably less interest in Michael Moore's Donald Trump-themed documentary, "Fahrenheit 11/9," than his George W. Bush-era one.

Japanese supply ship heads to space station after delays

The Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 22nd - 5:35pm

An unmanned Japanese space capsule is headed to the International Space Station filled with cargo including food, experiments and new batteries.

Russian space chief: No '2nd-tier status' with NASA outpost

Vladimir Isachenkov, Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 22nd - 8:44am

Russia's space agency chief said Saturday that it wouldn't accept a second-tier role in a NASA-led plan to build an outpost near the moon, but Roscosmos spokesman quickly clarified that Russia is still staying in the project.

Japan space rovers lowered to asteroid to collect data

Mari Yamaguchi, Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 21st - 4:10am

A Japanese spacecraft released two small rovers on an asteroid on Friday in a mission that could provide clues to the origin of the solar system.

German energy company: saving threatened forest 'illusion'

The Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 21st - 1:27am

A German energy executive whose company plans to clear an ancient forest to expand a lignite strip mine says it's an "illusion" to think the woodland can be saved, and halting the project would cost his firm up to 5 billion euros ($5.9 billion).

Ancient treasures on show in Germany reveal turbulent past

Frank Jordans, Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 21st - 12:17am

An arrowhead firmly lodged in the skull of an ancient fallen warrior, a voluptuous woman's form carved from ivory and the mask of a Roman river god are among more than 1,000 major archaeological discoveries being brought together for the first time.

Memory's frailty may be playing role in Kavanaugh matter

Malcolm Ritter, Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 20th - 11:33pm

She says he sexually assaulted her; he denies it. Is somebody deliberately lying?

Ivanka Trump tours NASA center in Houston, calls space crew

The Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 20th - 7:49pm

Ivanka Trump made a telephone call to the International Space Station and spoke to the crew while touring NASA's Johnson Space Center.

FBI: Solar observatory closed after child porn case opened

Russell Contreras, Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 20th - 3:24pm

The mysterious closure of a solar observatory in New Mexico earlier this month happened after the FBI opened a child pornography investigation involving a janitor's computer found at the observatory, and agents tracked wireless signals used to access child porn, according to an FBI search warrant affidavit.

Cornell review finds academic misconduct by food researcher

Candice Choi& Health Writer, Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 20th - 12:33pm

A prominent Cornell University food researcher resigned after an investigation found he committed academic misconduct, including misreporting data, the school announced Thursday.

Amazon unveils Alexa-controlled microwave, wall clock and new Echo devices

Heather Kelly  |  Posted Sep 20th - 12:27pm

It's only the beginning for Alexa.

Study of puzzling fossils confirms they came from an animal

Malcolm Ritter, Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 20th - 12:14pm

Scientists say they've confirmed that puzzling fossils from more than 500 million years ago are traces of an animal.

Tossed net captures space junk in orbit-cleanup experiment

Marcia Dunn, Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 20th - 10:55am

A tossed net has managed to capture space junk in a demonstration of ways to clean up debris in orbit.

iPhone XS and XS Max review: Apple's latest are the best yet. But do you need them?

Samantha Murphy Kelly, CNN  |  Posted Sep 20th - 9:26am

Each year, Apple CEO Tim Cook calls the next-generation iPhones the best ever made.

Bye bye bugs? Scientists fear non-pest insects are declining

Seth Borenstein, Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 19th - 11:02pm

A staple of summer — swarms of bugs — seems to be a thing of the past. And that's got scientists worried.

UNR wins $5 million USDA grant to study changing snowpack

The Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 23rd - 2:08pm

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has awarded the University of Nevada, Reno a $5 million grant to lead a study on changing snowpack.

AP Interview: UNESCO chief says schools must fight extremism

The Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 23rd - 10:46am

The head of the U.N. education agency says schools are ground zero in the fight against anti-Semitism and extremist violence — and she will push world leaders meeting in New York this week to invest more in teaching tolerance.

Oklahoma astronaut corn maze photographed from space

The Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 21st - 12:40pm

It's apt that a maze cut into an Oklahoma cornfield featuring the likeness of a former NASA astronaut can be seen from space — and has been photographed by a satellite orbiting Earth.

Good rhino news in South Africa, where killing rate drops

The Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 21st - 8:39am

South Africa is reporting some cautiously good news for rhinos after years in which poachers killed them in record numbers.

New DNA testing helps solve 19-year-old rape, murder

The Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 20th - 2:47am

New DNA testing has helped investigators in Florida solve a 19-year-old rape and murder case.