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AP FACT CHECK: Trump cries 'treason' over campaign scrutiny

Hope Yen and Calvin Woodward, Associated Press  |  Posted May 19th - 10:14pm

President Donald Trump is using "treason" rather lightly as he assails unidentified U.S. officials for investigating operatives of his campaign in 2016. There's no allegation or even suggestion that they committed this punishable-by-death crime, if any crime at all.

Vietnam cargo plane converted into interactive classroom

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 19th - 3:13pm

Students interested in science and technology will soon be able to attend class in an old military plane in northern Utah.

Losing Huawei as a customer could cost US tech companies $11B

Sherisse Pham, CNN  |  Posted May 18th - 10:51am

New U.S. measures that restrict exports to Huawei could cost Silicon Valley billions in lost revenue.

Teen finds prehistoric mastodon jaw in southern Iowa

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 17th - 10:10am

A teen searching for arrowheads in southern Iowa found something much bigger: the prehistoric jawbone of a mastodon.

San Francisco just banned the use of facial recognition tech. What’s happening in Utah?

Liesl Nielsen,  |  Posted May 16th - 4:08pm

San Francisco recently became the first city in the United States to ban the use of facial recognition software by police and other city departments. What's going to happen in Utah?

Utah’s latest rideshare innovation vehicle damaged in shipping, debut at Daybreak delayed

Carter Williams,  |  Posted May 15th - 7:10pm

The debut of a new electric low-speed rideshare vehicle for the Daybreak community, which was set for Thursday, is now on hold after the initial vehicle was damaged in shipping, the company’s owner said.

4 'green' products causing a buzz in the crowdfunding world

Brooke Nally, Contributor  |  Posted May 15th - 5:13pm

If you're unfamiliar with platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, they're essentially crowdfunding sites where entrepreneurs can debut a product and "backers can buy. Here are four "green" products you might want to check out — some even from Utah.

Kansas college agrees to outside probe after player's death

Roxana Hegeman, Associated Press  |  Posted May 15th - 1:03pm

A Kansas community college agreed under mounting pressure to an independent investigation into the heatstroke death last year of a football player who collapsed after the first day of conditioning practice.

Using a smartphone to sound out sign of kids' ear infections

Lauran Neergaard, Associated Press  |  Posted May 15th - 12:08pm

Researchers have created a way for a smartphone to "hear" a warning sign of ear infections — fluid buildup behind the eardrum.

What you need to know about surge protectors

Sloan Schrage, KSL TV  |  Posted May 15th - 11:31am

Surge protectors are an inexpensive way to protect your electronics from getting fried by random surges. But, they are not all the same.

Help coming on blocking scam calls for robocall-plagued US

Tali Arbel, The Associated Press  |  Posted May 15th - 11:01am

New measures by U.S. regulators could help thwart some of the billions of robocalls received in the U.S.

Japanese space startup aims to compete with US rivals

Mari Yamaguchi, Associated Press  |  Posted May 15th - 2:01am

A Japanese startup that launched a rocket into space earlier this month plans to provide low-cost rocket services and compete with American rivals such as SpaceX, its founder said Wednesday.

UN leader travels to Pacific to see climate change firsthand

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 15th - 1:47am

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said Wednesday that he's traveling to three South Pacific island nations to see the effects of climate change firsthand.

US, UK teams share $10M XPRIZE award for child literacy

John Rogers, Associated Press  |  Posted May 14th - 11:23pm

A California company founded by game-developer parents who wanted to help their special-needs son is sharing a $10 million XPRIZE award with a London-based educational nonprofit for programs created to teach illiterate children how to teach themselves to read.

Papua New Guinea assesses extent of damage from strong quake

Nick Perry, Associated Press  |  Posted May 14th - 7:58pm

Papua New Guinea authorities were assessing the extent of damage Wednesday from a powerful earthquake that rattled coastal towns the previous evening.

Earth's moon is shrinking and quaking, study says

Ashley Strickland, CNN  |  Posted May 14th - 3:45pm

The moon is slowly shrinking over time, which is causing wrinkles in its crust and moonquakes, according to photos captured by NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Alaska's fledgling commercial seaweed industry grows

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 19th - 5:59pm

Alaska's fledgling commercial seaweed industry is growing, with producers excited about this year's harvest.

Flooding makes big 'dead zone' off Louisiana coast likely

Janet McConnaughey, Associated Press  |  Posted May 16th - 3:09pm

The year's widespread flooding has made it likely that a big, oxygen-starved "dead zone" off Louisiana's coast will form this summer, the head of the National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science said Thursday.

Surgeon who transplanted baboon heart into baby dies

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 15th - 10:32pm

Dr. Leonard Bailey, who in 1984 transplanted a baboon heart into a tiny newborn dubbed "Baby Fae" in a pioneering operation that sparked both worldwide acclaim and condemnation, has died. He was 76.

Idaho man ordered to pay $2,000 for damaging cultural site

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 14th - 2:16pm

An Idaho man has been ordered to pay $2,000 in restitution after damaging an archaeological site in Challis.