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India's millions of young voters can swing national election

Rishabh R. Jain, Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 18th - 3:43am

Young Indians could play a crucial role in the ongoing general election in the world's largest democracy.

Amazon’s Utah fulfillment center is fully operational — with more than 1,500 employees

Liesl Nielsen,  |  Posted Apr 17th - 5:13pm

Utah’s new and only Amazon fulfillment center came online in August. Now, it’s fully operational with more than 1,500 employees and thousands of robots working around the clock.

NKorea says it tested new weapon, wants Pompeo out of talks

Foster Klug and Kim Tong-Hyung, Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 17th - 4:07pm

North Korea said Thursday that it had test-fired a new type of "tactical guided weapon," its first such test in nearly half a year, and demanded that Washington remove Secretary of State Mike Pompeo from nuclear negotiations.

Tick, tick, tick: Alaska braces for invading parasites

Dan Joling, Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 17th - 3:21pm

Health and wildlife officials are taking steps to prepare for potentially dangerous parasites that could gain a foothold because of Alaska's warming climate.

Space station shipment launched from Virginia seashore

Marcia Dunn, Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 17th - 2:49pm

A fresh grocery shipment rocketed toward the International Space Station on Wednesday after launching from Virginia's seashore.

Scientists spur some activity in brains of slaughtered pigs

Malcolm Ritter, Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 17th - 11:06am

Scientists restored some activity within the brains of pigs that had been slaughtered hours before, raising hopes for some medical advances and questions about the definition of death.

US astronaut to spend 11 months in space, set female record

Marcia Dunn, Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 17th - 8:48am

A NASA astronaut will spend nearly a year at the International Space Station, setting a record for women.

Pope encourages Swedish campaigner Greta on environment

The Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 17th - 3:34am

Pope Francis encouraged Swedish teenage environmental activist Greta Thunberg on Wednesday to continue her campaign to fight climate change, during a brief meeting at the end of his weekly general audience.

Why I'm not quitting Facebook yet

Heather Kelly, CNN  |  Posted Apr 16th - 2:31pm

Here's why I don't think my leaving Facebook would make me happier, or put a dent in the company's $500 billion market value and convince it to change its ways. And I don't think people should have to quit for peace of mind.

SpaceX's recovered core booster damaged in rough seas

Marcia Dunn, Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 16th - 9:32am

A SpaceX rocket booster that landed on an ocean platform after last week's launch has been damaged in rough seas.

Germany flips switch on Baltic Sea's biggest wind park

The Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 16th - 7:44am

Germany has officially switched on the biggest offshore wind park in the Baltic Sea, which will supply some 400,000 households with electricity.

Former astronaut Owen Garriott dies, flew on Skylab station

Marcia Dunn, Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 16th - 6:41am

Former astronaut Owen Garriott, who flew on America's first space station, Skylab, and whose son followed him into orbit, has died at age 88.

UK police arrest more than 200 in climate change protests

The Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 16th - 3:14am

Police say they have arrested more than 200 people after climate change protesters blocked major bridges and intersections in central London, bringing traffic to a standstill.

Utah’s newest tech unicorn is going public

Liesl Nielsen,  |  Posted Apr 15th - 3:34pm

Health Catalyst, Utah’s newest tech unicorn, may not be able to call itself that for long.

US halts recent practice of disclosing nuclear weapon total

Robert Burns, Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 17th - 2:36pm

The Trump administration has halted, without explanation, the recent U.S. government practice of disclosing the current size of the nuclear weapons stockpile.

71-year-old heart study gets $38M grant for another 6 years

The Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 17th - 9:43am

The nation's longest-running multigenerational study of cardiovascular disease has received a $38 million grant that will help researchers explore the biology of aging.

Harvard dorm ends decades-old goat roast tradition

The Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 16th - 1:00pm

A Harvard University residence hall is ending a decades-old tradition of skinning and barbecuing a goat in the courtyard.

New Jersey high school's celebrated 'Alien' play gets encore

The Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 16th - 11:47am

A New Jersey high school's stage production of "Alien" is coming back with help from the 1979 film's director, Ridley Scott.

Meteorologist sues station that fired him over alleged slur

The Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 16th - 9:35am

An upstate New York TV meteorologist accused of using a racial slur in reference to Martin Luther King Jr. while on air has filed a lawsuit against the station that fired him.

DataRobot Celebrates One Billion Models Built on Its Cloud Platform

Datarobot, Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 16th - 7:01am

a major milestone in AI adoption. DataRobot customers from around the world are using these machine learning models to better understand and glean actionable insights from accessible data.