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2 Parkland moms now divided over guns

Kelli Kennedy, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 12th - 8:46am

It's an image that has become emblematic of the Parkland school massacre : two terrified moms outside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High, one of them a tall, weeping blonde with the black smudge of Ash Wednesday on her forehead, the other a petite redhead crying in despair on her shoulder.

‘Extremely shocked’: Utah families hit hard, paying more under new tax law

Ladd Egan, KSL TV  |  Posted Feb 12th - 8:08am

Tax season is turning into a tax nightmare for many Utah families, especially those with more than two children, as they discover a significant jump in state income taxes.

Toys R Us plans second act by holiday season

Anne D'Innocenzio, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 11th - 5:47pm

Toys R Us fans in the U.S. should see the iconic brand re-emerge in some form by this holiday season.

Youth smoking decline stalls, and vaping may be to blame

Mike Stobbe, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 11th - 1:57pm

Cigarette smoking rates have stopped falling among U.S. kids, and health officials believe youth vaping is responsible.

Your teen probably isn't sleeping or exercising enough; here's what you can do to help

Dr. Edith Bracho-sanchez, CNN  |  Posted Feb 10th - 3:14pm

If you have teenagers, you probably won't be surprised to hear that a study published last week in the journal JAMA Pediatrics found that only 5 percent of them are getting enough sleep or exercise, or are limiting their screen time to what's recommended by experts.

Payson woman who panhandled to afford IVF is pregnant

Ashley Kewish, KSL TV  |  Posted Feb 9th - 10:25am

Last February, Jessica Gale was working two jobs and panhandling in her spare time to earn enough money to pay for in vitro fertilization. One year later, she is thrilled that her efforts paid off: she and her husband are expecting their first child.

State school board updates rule on use of cellphones, electronic devices on school campuses

Marjorie Cortez, KSL  |  Posted Feb 9th - 9:25am

The State School Board on Friday updated its rule on the use of privately owned cellphones and other electronic devices at school, requiring districts and charters to establish policies and conduct schoolwide trainings.

Coach Kim: Does your teasing and sarcasm hurt your child?

Kim Giles, Contributor  |  Posted Feb 4th - 7:01am

In this edition of LIFEadvice, Coach Kim explains whether sarcasm can turn into verbal abuse and how to communicate in a way that is more helpful to your kids.

Vehicle safety guidelines urged after 4-year-old killed by airbag

Jed Boal, KSL TV  |  Posted Feb 1st - 9:01am

Vehicle safety advocates have shared a critical reminder for parents after a young boy was killed in a tragic car crash in South Jordan.

Study: Many small kids in US are using too much toothpaste

Mike Stobbe, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 1st - 8:27am

Too many young kids are using too much toothpaste, increasing their risk of streaky or splotchy teeth when they get older, according to a government survey released Thursday.

Drug company expands voluntary recall of infant ibuprofen

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jan 31st - 8:40am

Tris Pharma has expanded its voluntary recall of infant ibuprofen because it may contain overly high concentrations of the drug.

Washington is under a state of emergency as measles cases rise

Amir Vera, CNN  |  Posted Jan 26th - 9:52pm

As of Saturday, there are 32 confirmed cases of measles in Washington — an outbreak that has already prompted Gov. Jay Inslee to declare a state of emergency.

17 ways to cut costs when grocery shopping

Cara MacDonald,  |  Posted Jan 25th - 10:32am

Grocery shopping is a huge financial burden on the average family. Here are some ways to save some money on your grocery shopping trips.

Most parents still rely on myths to avoid colds

Dr. Edith Bracho-sanchez, CNN  |  Posted Jan 23rd - 8:03am

As with many other aspects of parenting, when it comes to preventing colds, most parents trust the advice passed down by their own parents and grandparents.

How to protect your children from online sextortion

Carrie Rogers-whitehead, Contributor  |  Posted Jan 22nd - 4:50pm

Sextortion, or sexual extortion, is one of the fastest-growing problems affecting young people in Utah. Here are five ways to protect your kids.

Have You Seen This? Teenagers can't use rotary phone

John Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted Jan 22nd - 1:45pm

This video is going to make a lot of us feel old. These two 17-year-old boys can't figure out how to use a rotary phone.

Smartphone apps, devices to monitor your kids’ online activities

Sloan Schrage, KSL TV  |  Posted Jan 22nd - 9:31am

Keeping tabs on your children’s online activities keeps getting more and more challenging in this increasingly high-tech world. Fortunately, there is help.

Students at Westminster College help elementary students dream as part of MLK celebration

Emily Ashcraft, KSL  |  Posted Jan 20th - 11:50am

Students at Westminster college helped elementary kids build supply kits for their teachers, experience a college classroom by learning about the solubility of M&M's, play soccer and draw their dreams on graduation caps.

Have You Seen This? Boy’s adorable take on one-man a cappella

Martha Ostergar, Contributor  |  Posted Jan 19th - 5:22pm

His humor and sweetness will charm your socks off.

What's behind the insane popularity of 'Baby Shark'?

Aj Willingham, CNN  |  Posted Jan 15th - 7:32pm

When humans of the far future study the culture of their ancient ancestors from the year 2019, it's going to be pretty hard to avoid the topic of "Baby Shark."