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Some Utah patients taken off opioids too abruptly amid opioid battle, lobbyist says

Ashley Imlay, KSL  |  Posted Jun 17th - 8:03pm

While Utah and the country fights the opioid epidemic, many with chronic pain have suffered as doctors tapered them off their medications, a lobbyist told legislators.

Kansas boy very lucky to survive knife impaling his face

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 17th - 7:42pm

A 15-year-old Kansas boy got a large knife to the face, and doctors say he's extremely lucky.

Strawberry Moon 2019: Best times to watch and a special viewing bonus

Forrest Brown, CNN  |  Posted Jun 17th - 7:16pm

It's time for another noteworthy celestial event. Be sure to cast your gaze toward the sky for 2019's Strawberry Moon. And for the keen-eyed, there's a heavenly bonus with a prominent appearance from one of our fellow planets.

Make Your Week: Strangers' kindness meant the world to 2 airline passengers

Jordan Ormond,  |  Posted Jun 17th - 6:35pm

In this edition of "Make Your Week," two people share their stories about receiving unexpected kindness from strangers at the airport. The writers both describe these encounters as moments they will never forget.

Officials: Man who accidentally started Nibley fire won't be charged

Lauren Bennett,  |  Posted Jun 17th - 5:56pm

The man who caused a fire at a Nibley storage facility Saturday will not face charges, local fire officials said Monday.

Dixie State University offers fingerprinting for DACA recipients

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 17th - 5:36pm

Police at Dixie State University are offering people in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program and others fingerprinting services — a required step to secure driving privileges in Utah.

Utah man on probation faces federal drug charges after raid yields 20 pounds of meth

Dennis Romboy, KSL  |  Posted Jun 17th - 5:03pm

A man arrested last week for allegedly running what authorities called a large-scale drug trafficking business appeared in federal court Monday on criminal charges.

Found: 80-year-old Orem man safe following 'one epic road trip'

Lauren Bennett,  |  Posted Jun 17th - 4:54pm

An 80-year-old Orem man has been found safe hours after a Silver Alert was issued by police. A credit card transaction led officers to find him in Idaho.

Egypt's ousted president Morsi dies in court during trial

Samy Magdy, Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 17th - 4:34pm

Egypt's first democratically elected president, Islamist leader Mohammed Morsi who was ousted by the military in 2013 after a year in office, collapsed in court while on trial Monday and died, state TV and his family said.

Police: 4 shot, 3 arrested at Raptors rally in Toronto

Rob Gillies and Ian Harrison, Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 17th - 4:04pm

Gunfire broke out and a stampede ensued as fans celebrated at a rally Monday for the NBA champion Raptors, leaving four people shot and thousands fleeing less than a block from where the players and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sat on stage.

Utah man faces attempted murder charge after fight over dog's sniffing

Pat Reavy, KSL  |  Posted Jun 17th - 3:04pm

A southern Utah man is accused of stabbing a dog and the dog's owner because the animal had sniffed him, according to police.

Have You Seen This? Devilish ducks escape after causing car crash

Katie Workman,  |  Posted Jun 17th - 2:36pm

It takes not one, not two, but six people, a car wreck, and two stopped lanes of traffic to help this feathered family make it to safety.

Royce O'Neale getting 'joy out of' giving back to fans

Ryan Miller,  |  Posted Jun 17th - 2:12pm

O'Neale started a week-long Junior Jazz road trip around Utah on Monday.

Utah woman sent threatening texts to herself, police say

Pat Reavy, KSL  |  Posted Jun 17th - 2:01pm

A woman accused of filing false police reports after allegedly sending threatening messages to herself, according to police, is scheduled to be arraigned in court on Tuesday.

UHP: Confrontation between motorcyclist and driver shows need for lane filtering education

Carter Williams,  |  Posted Jun 17th - 1:43pm

A video showing an incident between a motorcyclist and a pizza delivery driver in Utah County is an indication the state’s new lane filtering law is still misunderstood.

Sen. Mitt Romney unveils bill to make immigrant employee verification system permanent

Dennis Romboy, KSL  |  Posted Jun 17th - 1:14pm

Sen. Mitt Romney has introduced legislation to make permanent an electronic verification system for businesses to check the legal status of potential employees.

Utah troopers seize meth, marijuana valued at about $2M during busy few weeks

Pat Reavy, KSL  |  Posted Jun 17th - 12:47pm

Utah Highway Patrol troopers and the State Bureau of Investigation have been busy making large drug busts in recent weeks.

Mexico's crackdown on migrants sends some heading south

Maria Verza and Christopher Sherman, Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 17th - 12:15pm

Mexico's efforts to slow Central American migration across its territory showed some bite Monday as some people turned around to head south in the face of increased enforcement, while government officials said they would target human smuggling rings.

Supreme Court upholds rule allowing state, federal charges

Mark Sherman, Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 17th - 11:21am

The Supreme Court is upholding a constitutional rule that allows state and federal governments to prosecute someone for the same crime, a closely watched case because of its potential implications for people prosecuted in the Russia investigation.

Great Clips of the Week: Michigan high school team wins softball title on walkoff triple play

Sean Walker,  |  Posted Jun 17th - 11:01am

Every high school athlete dreams of winning a state title on a buzzer-beating shot, or a last-second touchdown, or even a walk-off home run.

Man found dead in Cache County irrigation pipe

Liesl Nielsen,  |  Posted Jun 17th - 10:44am

A man was found dead in a Cache County irrigation pipe early Monday morning, officials said.