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WWII pilot fulfills his wife's wish to see him fly again

Andrew Adams, KSL TV  |  Posted Jun 17th - 10:39pm

World War II fighter pilot Bill Willis took to the sky again Friday from Morgan County Airport, fulfilling a wish his recently deceased wife had long had for him.

Driverless shuttle debuts at Station Park

Christina Giardinelli, KSL  |  Posted Jun 17th - 9:59pm

The fully autonomous shuttle is now free for the public to test ride in Farmington.

Pregnant woman who blacked out at the wheel delivers healthy baby boy

Lauren Bennett,  |  Posted Jun 17th - 9:30pm

A Utah woman was driving home Thursday morning when she passed out at the wheel and crashed into stone wall. She later shared her experience on Facebook and announced the subsequent birth of her son, who weighed just 2 pounds and 12 ounces.

Watchdog to investigate Interior moves on Utah monument

Brady McCombs, Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 17th - 9:02pm

A government watchdog will investigate whether the U.S. Interior Department broke the law by making plans to open lands cut from a Utah national monument by President Donald Trump to leasing for oil, gas and coal development, a pair of Democratic congress members said Monday.

Family members play key role in helping overcome addiction

Renaissance Ranch  |  Posted Jun 17th - 9:00pm

Family members of addicts need to learn to recover from destructive codependent feelings, attitudes and shaming behaviors. They also need to learn how to become a healthier, more effective support person for their addicted loved one.

Ellen DeGeneres is coming to Utah thanks to Pluralsight

Liesl Nielsen,  |  Posted Jun 17th - 8:31pm

Utah’s tech companies have been bringing in some pretty big names for their annual conferences. Talk show host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres is next.

Teen survives 10-inch knife lodged in face: 'It could have been the end of me'

Jacqueline Howard, CNN  |  Posted Jun 17th - 7:42pm

A 15-year-old from Kansas is recovering from the freak accident after going home from the hospital on Monday. In a rare occurrence, he's the second boy his surgeon has treated recently for a sharp object piercing the head.

Strawberry Moon 2019: Best times to watch and a special viewing bonus

Forrest Brown, CNN  |  Posted Jun 17th - 7:16pm

It's time for another noteworthy celestial event. Be sure to cast your gaze toward the sky for 2019's Strawberry Moon. And for the keen-eyed, there's a heavenly bonus with a prominent appearance from one of our fellow planets.

VidAngel hit with $62.4M in damages in Disney lawsuit

Liesl Nielsen,  |  Posted Jun 17th - 6:48pm

VidAngel must pay a combined $62.4 million in damages for streaming movies without authorization, according to plaintiffs in the case.

Make Your Week: Strangers' kindness meant the world to 2 airline passengers

Jordan Ormond,  |  Posted Jun 17th - 6:35pm

In this edition of "Make Your Week," two people share their stories about receiving unexpected kindness from strangers at the airport. The writers both describe these encounters as moments they will never forget.

Officials: Man who accidentally started Nibley fire won't be charged

Lauren Bennett,  |  Posted Jun 17th - 5:56pm

The man who caused a fire at a Nibley storage facility Saturday will not face charges, local fire officials said Monday.

Dixie State University offers fingerprinting for DACA recipients

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 17th - 5:36pm

Police at Dixie State University are offering people in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program and others fingerprinting services — a required step to secure driving privileges in Utah.

Utah man on probation faces federal drug charges after raid yields 20 pounds of meth

Dennis Romboy, KSL  |  Posted Jun 17th - 5:03pm

A man arrested last week for allegedly running what authorities called a large-scale drug trafficking business appeared in federal court Monday on criminal charges.

Found: 80-year-old Orem man safe following 'one epic road trip'

Lauren Bennett,  |  Posted Jun 17th - 4:54pm

An 80-year-old Orem man has been found safe hours after a Silver Alert was issued by police. A credit card transaction led officers to find him in Idaho.

Egypt's ousted president Morsi dies in court during trial

Samy Magdy, Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 17th - 4:34pm

Egypt's first democratically elected president, Islamist leader Mohammed Morsi who was ousted by the military in 2013 after a year in office, collapsed in court while on trial Monday and died, state TV and his family said.

Police: 4 shot, 3 arrested at Raptors rally in Toronto

Rob Gillies and Ian Harrison, Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 17th - 4:04pm

Gunfire broke out and a stampede ensued as fans celebrated at a rally Monday for the NBA champion Raptors, leaving four people shot and thousands fleeing less than a block from where the players and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sat on stage.

Utah man faces attempted murder charge after fight over dog's sniffing

Pat Reavy, KSL  |  Posted Jun 17th - 3:04pm

A southern Utah man is accused of stabbing a dog and the dog's owner because the animal had sniffed him, according to police.

Have You Seen This? Devilish ducks escape after causing car crash

Katie Workman,  |  Posted Jun 17th - 2:36pm

It takes not one, not two, but six people, a car wreck, and two stopped lanes of traffic to help this feathered family make it to safety.

Royce O'Neale getting 'joy out of' giving back to fans

Ryan Miller,  |  Posted Jun 17th - 2:12pm

O'Neale started a week-long Junior Jazz road trip around Utah on Monday.

Utah woman sent threatening texts to herself, police say

Pat Reavy, KSL  |  Posted Jun 17th - 2:01pm

A woman accused of filing false police reports after allegedly sending threatening messages to herself, according to police, is scheduled to be arraigned in court on Tuesday.

UHP: Confrontation between motorcyclist and driver shows need for lane filtering education

Carter Williams,  |  Posted Jun 17th - 1:43pm

A video showing an incident between a motorcyclist and a pizza delivery driver in Utah County is an indication the state’s new lane filtering law is still misunderstood.