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4th arrest in vandalized grave of NH businessman

06/17/2014 8:21am
A fourth person has been accused of taking part in ransacking the grave of a New Hampshire businessman who died in 2004.

'Love thy neighbor'? Nuns sue nearby strip club

06/17/2014 9:52am
A convent of nuns in suburban Chicago has filed a lawsuit against a neighbor, a strip club they say plays throbbing music while the nuns try to pray.

Court: $1.8M house built on park must be removed

06/17/2014 12:41pm
A developer who mistakenly built a $1.8 million waterfront house on parkland has been ordered to remove it.

Blind man hears, feels his way to mechanic degree

06/17/2014 3:11pm
A blind New Mexico man who recently earned an auto mechanics degree is looking for a job.

Costumed Spider-Man on trial for Times Square spat

06/17/2014 3:54pm
The episode isn't among Spider-Man's biggest hits: the superhero vs. the snow-wielding mom.

Arizona eatery shames art thieves on Facebook

06/17/2014 4:20pm
Two accomplices in the theft of a painting at a Flagstaff restaurant have come forward after a shaming campaign on Facebook.

Man tried to toss drug-filled football into prison

06/17/2014 7:51pm
Michigan authorities say a man tried to throw a football loaded with drugs and cellphones into the yard of a state prison.

California mayor curbs self over dog poop incident

06/17/2014 9:51pm
The doo-doo has gotten too deep for the mayor of a wealthy Los Angeles suburb who flung dog poop onto a political opponent's property.