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Police: Bank robbery note was on grocery receipt

05/08/2014 3:40am
An Oregon police affidavit says a robber at the Home Federal Bank two weeks ago demanded money by giving the teller a note written on the back of a grocery receipt.

Man receives 2 years for slingshot assault

05/08/2014 8:31am
A 42-year-old man who fired a slingshot at Alaska State Troopers has been sentenced to two years in prison.

Driver is cited for using dummy in carpool lane

05/08/2014 9:51am
A commuter heading into Boston had a real dummy along for the ride.

Journalists in Jordan fight on live TV talk show

05/08/2014 10:01am
Two journalists in Jordan having a televised debate about the civil war in neighboring Syria literally turned — and overturned — the table on each other during an on-air brawl.

Rooster at Dallas hardware store popular

05/08/2014 12:51pm
A Dallas hardware store's unusual mascot is proving popular with customers.

No charges for California student on school PA

05/08/2014 8:31pm
Police say a student who shouted "Get out!" over the public address system at a Southern California school was just worried a teacher was coming, and not trying to make others think they were in danger.