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Finnish gibberish talker finds fame, heads to US

03/19/2014 9:01am
A 19-year-old Finnish supermarket cashier with millions of Internet fans of her language imitation YouTube video is heading for America hoping her gibberish hit will open up a new career.

Maine man's 'gun' turns out to be a tattoo

03/19/2014 9:10am
Police armed with assault rifles descended on a Maine man's home after members of a tree removal crew he'd told to clear off his property reported that he had a gun.

Lasso-yielding officers chase loose bull in Texas

03/19/2014 9:11am
A bull apparently in no mood for vaccinations led police on a chase down a Texas city street before horse-riding, lasso-yielding officers were able to wrangle the animal.

Boy, 11, signs 1-day deal with pro hockey team

03/19/2014 9:11am
A Michigan boy who said he didn't want an 11th birthday party because he had no friends is getting a new gig.

Students hold festive protest of canceled vacation

03/19/2014 9:11am
What happens when your college won't let you go on spring break? You bring spring break to your college.

Scrap dealer's bargain turns out to be Faberge egg

03/19/2014 12:31pm
A London antique dealer says a gold ornament bought by an American scrap-metal dealer has turned out to be a rare Faberge egg worth millions.

Toddler falling from window saved by stranger, mattress

03/19/2014 3:17pm
It's the stuff you might expect only to see on TV or in movies — the upbeat kind with happy endings. Thankfully, that is just what happened in California as a toddler fell from three stories up into a stranger's arms and onto a box spring mattress.

Mechanic who made motorcycles passion sells hundreds

03/19/2014 9:18pm
A Provo man selling a yard full of motorcycles says he hopes someone who loves biking as much as he does will buy them and fix them up like he had planned.