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VIDEO: Blainey Awards for BYU basketball

By Gregory Rose, Contributor   |  Posted Mar 2nd, 2012 @ 5:03pm



PROVO -- The 84th Academy Awards came and went this past weekend and March Madness is in two short weeks. Blaine Fowler, of BYUTV, has taken both ideas and created "the Blainey" awards.

The individual awards were given by Fowler to the BYU men's basketball team. Fowler, dressed in appropriate award- banquet manner, gave out such awards as Best Scene, Best Director and Best Player in a Leading Role to players in a unique way to profile and review the 2011-2012 BYU basketball team. Many of the Cougar players received a Blainey. Highlights of the season also were included as each award was given out.

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