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VIDEO: BYU signee, former Alta star Steven Richards' crazy workouts

By Gregory Rose, Contributor   |  Posted Feb 24th, 2012 @ 9:36am



PROVO -- Recent BYU signee Steven Richards certainly has the physical tools to compete on the college-football level. Richards, who played football for Alta High School, is seen in videos performing workouts that many of us could not fathom.

In this video, Richards is seen performing a yoke workout. The yoke has a two parallel bars loaded with weight and a perpendicular bar to carry the weight on his shoulders. Richards carrys 450 pounds for 50 feet. He then struggles to carry a 250-pound stone for the same distance, and accomplishes the task.

In the video below, Richards is shown pulling a Chevrolet Suburban up a hill.

Check out a second video as well.

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