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Trump and Sanders big winners, riding voter frustration

Julie Pace and Kathleen Ronayne, Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 10th - 12:11am

Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Bernie Sanders rode a wave of voter frustration with American politics to commanding victories in Tuesday's New Hampshire primaries, adding crucial credibility to their upstart candidacies.

The Triple Team: 3 thoughts on Jazz vs. Mavericks

Andy Larsen  |  Posted  Feb 9th - 10:35pm

Three thoughts on the Jazz winning their most pivotal game in years, the clutch shots from Rodney Hood and Gordon Hayward that made it work, and Trey Lyles' unique contribution.

Many questions remain in shooting death of Riverdale mom

Pat Reavy  |  Posted  Feb 9th - 10:29pm

A Riverdale man who allegedly shot and killed his girlfriend remained free Tuesday as police continued collecting evidence in the case.

With more parents choosing not to vaccinate, Utah on brink of losing 'herd immunity'

Daphne Chen  |  Posted  Feb 9th - 10:28pm

With more and more parents choosing not to vaccinate their children, Utah's schools are at risk of losing "herd immunity" — the protection a community enjoys when roughly 90 percent of its members are vaccinated against infectious disease.

'We're all going to go far:' Sterling Scholar hopefuls interview for next round

Ben Lockhart  |  Posted  Feb 9th - 9:59pm

More than 600 Wasatch Region students across 14 categories gave interviews or performed in front of judges, hoping to learn later that they advanced to the final round of consideration in the Deseret News/KSL Sterling Scholar Awards Program.

Former Utah governor requests funds for Foster Care Foundation

Ladd Egan  |  Posted  Feb 9th - 8:55pm

Former Gov. Mike Leavitt is calling on Utah lawmakers to approve a funding increase for the Utah Foster Care Foundation, which is threatening to close its doors if it does not receive an additional $400,000 to cover operating costs.

The 1st step to improving health

Erica Hansen, Contributor  |  Posted  Feb 9th - 8:31pm

Preparing food at home is one of the most impactful things you can do to improve your health. Cooking can be daunting for some, but it doesn't need to be. Start simply and add skills as you go to improve your meals and health.

Mars: Take a 360 degree video tour of its surface

Tiffany AP for CNN  |  Posted  Feb 9th - 8:16pm

This may be as close as you'll ever come to living out sci-fi film "The Martian".

Bill to teach students to avoid picking up guns advances

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 9th - 7:44pm

Utah's Senate has given preliminary approval to a plan offering optional training to middle school students on what to do if they encounter a weapon or if a gunman enters their school.

Police: Video shows prowler checking house door

Sandra Yi  |  Posted  Feb 9th - 7:23pm

Cottonwood Heights Police are trying to identify a man suspected of breaking into cars Monday. They said home video shows he may have also had other intentions.

New video of 'Yeti' at ski resort sparks Internet debate

Natalie Crofts  |  Posted  Feb 9th - 7:02pm

The image of a hulking, shaggy-white figure on the slopes of a Spanish ski resort has renewed questions about the legendary Yeti's existence.

Driver in DUI crash that maimed 11-year-old girl sent to prison

McKenzie Romero  |  Posted  Feb 9th - 6:51pm

A judge has ordered prison time for an Ogden man who pleaded guilty in a DUI crash that left an 11-year-old girl with disfiguring and debilitating injuries last year.

Got an emergency? You can now text 911 in 3 counties, Bountiful

Pat Reavy  |  Posted  Feb 9th - 6:49pm

Emergency dispatchers in Salt Lake, Weber and Morgan counties, as well as in Bountiful, can now receive 911 texts in addition to calls.

Provo Canyon reopens after semi rolls, causes closure

Natalie Crofts  |  Posted  Feb 9th - 6:44pm

The semitruck, which was carrying ammonia nitrate fertilizer, was blocking all of the eastbound lanes, according to officials. All of the lanes were reopened at about 5 p.m.

Man charged with beating 13-year-old boy with crowbar

Pat Reavy  |  Posted  Feb 9th - 6:27pm

A 21-year-old man has been charged with beating a 13-year-old boy with a crowbar in an incident that prosecutors are calling gang-related.

Texas couple charged with forcing nanny to work for no pay

Juan A. Lozano, Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 9th - 6:23pm

A Houston-area couple forced a Nigerian woman to care for their five children and home without pay during a two-year period in which she was physically and verbally abused, made to work nearly 20 hours a day and told to sleep on the floor, federal authorities say.

Michael Cavallari died from exposure, medical examiner says

Pat Reavy  |  Posted  Feb 9th - 5:27pm

Exposure to the cold caused the death of Michael Cavallari, the Grand County Sheriff's Office reported Tuesday.

Judge urges Obama to commute harsh sentence he imposed

Pat Reavy  |  Posted  Feb 9th - 5:09pm

Former federal Judge Paul Cassell is making another attempt to have the sentence of a man he sent to prison in 2004 commuted by the president.

2 Utah police camera bills differ on what to make public

Michelle L. Price, Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 9th - 4:00pm

Civil liberties advocates say one of two proposals to regulate police body cameras in Utah this year would give law enforcement too much leeway and would exempt videos of fatal shootings from open records laws.

Mom fights back after son's picture used in cruel Internet meme

Tracie Snowder  |  Posted  Feb 9th - 2:33pm

A mom whose son was born with a genetic disorder is on a crusade to get his picture taken off the Internet after it was turned into an offensive meme.


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