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Can this GOP family find peace? Trump, Ryan to face off

Erica Werner and Steve Peoples, Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 2:30pm

Donald Trump agreed grudgingly Friday to meet with House Speaker Paul Ryan to work out their differences in the midst of an extraordinary display of Republican vs. Republican strife. But he said he had "no idea" if they would succeed and it didn't really matter that much to him when compared to all the votes he'd won in this year's primary elections.

Dems hope state conventions can unite Sanders, Clinton fans

Patrick Whittle, Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 1:40pm

Democrats are hoping to use state conventions to unite supporters of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders as fans of the two candidates engage in sometimes bitter disputes ahead of the presidential election.

Romney 'dismayed' by presidential choices, won't run as independent

Lisa Riley Roche  |  Posted  May 6th - 12:47pm

Mitt Romney made it clear Thursday night he won't support either fellow Republican Donald Trump or a Democrat for president because there's "way too much demagoguery and populism on both sides."

Democrats work to paint NH senator as loyal ally of Trump

Kathleen Ronayne, Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 10:40am

Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte casts herself as independent, focused on New Hampshire over party politics in her re-election bid. But now she's trying to fight off a different label, one that Democrats will assign her at every turn: Loyal ally of Donald Trump.

In contrast to Obama, Trump says UK "better off" without EU

The Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 8:30am

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump says Britain is "better off without" the European Union.

Democratic advertising blitz awaits GOP's Trump

Chad Day and Julie Bykowicz, Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 8:21am

Long before Donald Trump swatted away his Republican presidential rivals, his likely Democratic opponent and her allies began laying traps for him.

Jonathan Johnson hasn't decided if he'll support Trump

The Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 7:26am

Republican candidate for governor Jonathan Johnson hasn't decided if he'll support presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

The Latest: Indiana's governor says he'll support Trump

The Associated Press  |  Posted  May 5th - 9:31pm

The Latest on campaign 2016 (all times Eastern):

With Trump on top, Romney will not attend GOP convention

Lisa Riley Roche  |  Posted  May 5th - 8:32pm

Mitt Romney isn't going to the Republican National Convention that will officially nominate Donald Trump as the party's presidential candidate, an aide confirmed Thursday.

House Speaker Paul Ryan refuses to back Donald Trump

Erica Werner, Associated Press  |  Posted  May 5th - 8:10pm

House Speaker Paul Ryan is refusing to support Donald Trump as the Republican nominee for president, insisting Thursday that the businessman must do more to unify the GOP.

Trump strains to unite GOP behind him; Ryan says no, for now

Jonathan Lemire and Julie Bykowicz, Associated Press  |  Posted  May 5th - 7:50pm

Donald Trump is struggling in his efforts to unify the Republican Party behind his presidential campaign, the difficulty immediately underscored Thursday by a startling exchange of negative comments with GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan who said he was not ready to support him.

Herbert's 'big change' over Common Core puzzling

Morgan Jacobsen  |  Posted  May 5th - 6:20pm

Puzzling educators is what seems to be new opposition to the Common Core State Standards and SAGE testing from Gov. Gary Herbert after he historically upheld them and commissioned studies that found the standards to be favorable.

How Donald Trump defied all odds

Stephen Collinson, CNN  |  Posted  May 5th - 1:41pm

Everyone said it wouldn't happen. Everyone was wrong.

Cruz's strong 2016 run may enhance his conservative clout

Will Weissert and Scott Bauer, Associated Press  |  Posted  May 5th - 11:51am

In finishing the Republican presidential race well ahead of Donald Trump's other rivals, Ted Cruz is likely to be a leading GOP voice for the foreseeable future.

Trump, Ryan to meet next week

The Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 1:21pm

Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan have agreed to meet next Thursday -- in the wake of Ryan's statement yesterday that he's not yet ready to support Trump's presidential nomination.

The Latest: Secretary Kerry says war on terror will be won

The Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 10:31am

The Latest on U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry's commencement address to Northeastern University (all times local):

Carson says he's 'very disappointed' with Ryan's stance

The Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 6:30am

Former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson says he was "personally very disappointed" to hear House Speaker Paul Ryan withhold his support for Donald Trump as the Republican presidential nominee.

Jury convicts Ron Paul aides of campaign finance violations

David Pitt, Associated Press  |  Posted  May 5th - 4:00pm

Three campaign advisers to 2012 presidential candidate Ron Paul were convicted Thursday in a federal case alleging they conspired to cover up the campaign's payments to a former Iowa state senator who had agreed to endorse their boss.

House Speaker Paul Ryan says he's not ready to support Donald Trump as the GOP nominee

The Associated Press  |  Posted  May 5th - 2:11pm

House Speaker Paul Ryan says he's not ready to support Donald Trump as the GOP nominee.