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'12 Days of Christmas' items top $34K, up 0.6%

Joe Mandak, Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 30th - 9:22am

Lords a-leaping is the U.S. economy slow to recover!

Suspected burglar dies after getting stuck in chimney

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 29th - 5:08pm

Authorities say a suspected burglar has died after getting stuck in a chimney in Central California.

Have You Seen This? Man vs dolphin spit fight

Martha Ostergar, Contributor  |  Posted  Nov 28th - 2:45pm

Ah, the magical experience of a dolphin encounter … that spirals down into a spit fight.

Fiji sevens team to the rescue as passenger taken ill

Steve McMorran, Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 27th - 12:00am

The world champion Fiji sevens rugby team has been praised after stepping in to assist cabin crew during a medical emergency on a flight from Fiji to Brisbane on Thursday.

Turkey seeks shelter at Florida church

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 26th - 6:02pm

Days before Thanksgiving, a wild turkey chose an opportune time to show up on the doorstep of an Orlando church, appearing to seek shelter.

Police respond to woman screaming in apartment, find man inside afraid of a spider

Will Heilpern, CNN  |  Posted  Nov 26th - 4:12pm

"Come on mate, what have you done to her?"

Chinese gloat over Obama's turkey named Abe _ not Ah-bay

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 26th - 5:10am

President Barack Obama's pardoning of a turkey named "Abe" this Thanksgiving has led some Chinese to gloat at the Japanese prime minister's expense.

Meet John Howland, a lucky Pilgrim _ and maybe your ancestor

Mark Pratt, Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 25th - 11:51pm

John Howland may not be as famous as William Bradford, John Carver and Myles Standish, notable passengers on the Mayflower that landed in Massachusetts in 1620.

Winds and high tides damage Alaska beach art installation

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 25th - 4:21pm

Winds and high tides have seriously damaged most of an Anchorage public art installation that is focusing on mental health.

Georgia sheriff revels in 'politically incorrect' sign

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 25th - 1:51pm

If you don't like a Georgia sheriff's political incorrectness, you can leave his county.

Woman fined $1,000 for trashing worker's office with glitter

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 25th - 10:47am

A former clerk at an Ohio county's fiscal office has been fined $1,000 for trashing a co-worker's office with glitter and purple Silly String.

Pig with pink toenails lured from flower bed with dog treats

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 30th - 3:10pm

A friendly pig with pink toenails was rooting her way through a Florida flower bed when something caught her attention: dog treats.

Stolen bust of Lincoln found at Gettysburg cemetery

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 29th - 1:11pm

A bust of Abraham Lincoln that was stolen from outside a museum near where he delivered the Gettysburg Address has been found.

Missing dog found in storm drain in Maryland

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 28th - 9:51am

Officials in Maryland say a 30-pound dog rescued from a storm drain had been missing for over a year.

Baby red pandas at Philly zoo named Betsy and Ben, of course

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 27th - 12:51pm

A pair of baby red pandas at the Philadelphia Zoo have been named after two of the city's most famous residents: Betsy and Benjamin.

Former luncheonette owner chooses to die in her restaurant

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 27th - 12:30pm

A 78-year-old woman decided to spend her final hours last month — to her very last breath — in the now-shuttered New Jersey luncheonette she spent more than three decades running.

Where's the beef? Trucker steals 40,000 pounds of meat

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 27th - 10:20am

Where's the beef? That's what authorities would like to know after someone stole 40,000 pounds of it from a meat plant in central Pennsylvania.

Glitch causes bank customers to see billions in charges

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 27th - 7:20am

A technical glitch meant some First Hawaiian Bank customers logged on to their accounts to find that they appeared to be billions, or sometimes more than a trillion dollars in the red.

4 people meet for first time after 2 pairs of kidney swaps

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 26th - 9:30am

Four people have met for the first time since a pair of kidney swaps at a Connecticut hospital.

Police: Man finds skull in front yard of California home

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 25th - 3:01pm

Authorities say a man bringing in his trash can from the street found a human skull in the front yard of his home and called police.