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Utah companies make a strong showing at CES 2017

Liesl Nielsen  |  Posted  Jan 18th - 6:30pm

As the birthplace of Silicon Slopes, Utah is never underrepresented at the Consumer Electronics Show and this year a total of 36 Utah companies went to show off their products.

Robot deliveries are about to hit US streets

Matt McFarland, CNN  |  Posted  Jan 18th - 11:14am

The newest deliveryman in Redwood City, California, and Washington, D.C., isn't a person, but a six-wheeled robot.

Elephant protein destroys human cancer cells, Utah researchers say

Mike Anderson  |  Posted  Jan 17th - 9:07pm

Researchers at the Huntsman Cancer Institute say a protein discovered in elephants appears to attack and destroy cancer cells found in humans.

5 must-have tech features for your home

Sage Singleton, Contributor  |  Posted  Jan 17th - 12:16pm

These five tech features will add value to your home, increase security and even save you some money.

Zebra shark surprises scientists by giving birth without male

Anna Cummins, CNN  |  Posted  Jan 17th - 11:06am

A female zebra shark in an Australian aquarium has astounded scientists by producing live offspring asexually, three years after being separated from her long-term mate.

Anti-cigarette billboard coughs if you smoke near it

Ivana Kottasova, CNN  |  Posted  Jan 13th - 10:47am

When smokers walk by a certain billboard in Stockholm, something strange happens: The billboard coughs at them.

CES 2017: Bionic floor cleaner 'sucks up' solids and liquids at the same time

Liesl Nielsen  |  Posted  Jan 12th - 11:58am

China-based Hizero's first product, the Multifunctional Bionic Floor Cleaner, can clean both solids and liquids from the floor at the same time and was showcased at this year's CES.

How to manage the (polluted) air you breathe

Meera Senthilingam, CNN  |  Posted  Jan 11th - 1:41pm

More than 90 percent of the world's population breathes in air that violates air quality guidelines set by the World Health Organization, increasing their risk of lung cancer and respiratory infections, but also conditions including stroke, cardiovascular disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Behind the scenes at CES 2017

Liesl Nielsen  |  Posted  Jan 11th - 11:45am

Each year, thousands of tech enthusiasts descend upon Sin City for the annual Consumer Electronics Show, bringing innovators together from across the world to revel in the progress of technology.

Nokia is trying to make a smartphone comeback, starting in China

Sherisse Pham, CNN  |  Posted  Jan 9th - 11:47am

Nokia is launching a comeback — in China.

The iPhone turns 10: Insiders look back

Seth Fiegerman, CNN  |  Posted  Jan 9th - 10:54am

"We're going to make some history together today."

CES 2017: Robots can now fold your laundry

Liesl Nielsen  |  Posted  Jan 8th - 8:31pm

The world's first laundry-folding robot of its kind was revealed this week at the Consumer Electronics Show.

University of Utah technology on display at top electronics show

Jasen Lee  |  Posted  Jan 8th - 4:21pm

Scientists and engineers from the University of Utah are taking their innovations to the Consumer Electronics Show this week in hopes of finding commercial investors to produce their new products.

CES 2017: Top 5 tech products you didn't know you needed

Liesl Nielsen  |  Posted  Jan 7th - 6:09pm

From drones to smart fridges, there’s something for everyone at the Consumer Electronics Show. KSL strolled through myriad booths showcasing every type of tech imaginable looking for the most unusual finds of this year.

Prototype leaked for Apple's iPhone: 'You can see why we ditched it'

David Goldman, CNN  |  Posted  Jan 6th - 10:53am

An early prototype of the iPhone reveals how Apple considered making its iconic smartphone a lot more like the iPod.

CES 2017: 6 tech products that make a real difference

Liesl Nielsen  |  Posted  Jan 5th - 7:04pm

Thousands of tech enthusiasts have descended upon Sin City this week for the Consumer Electronics Show, and KSL has identified six tech products that are making a real difference.

Smart glove helps stroke patients rehabilitate

Selena Larson, CNN  |  Posted  Jan 5th - 11:48am

After his father and two uncles suffered strokes, Hoyoung Ban decided to develop a device to help people regain control of their hands.

Gadget makers offer voice controls through Amazon's Alexa

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 5th - 10:50am

Amazon doesn't have an official presence at the CES gadget show in Las Vegas but its Alexa voice control software seems to be everywhere.

The weirdest tech from CES 2017's opening day

Selena Larson, CNN  |  Posted  Jan 4th - 9:31am

Beneath flashing lights and the din of pinging slot machines, tech companies are trying to convince the world why the stuff they make matters.

This is why you get worked up about politics, according to science

Jacqueline Howard, CNN  |  Posted  Jan 3rd - 1:38pm

A new study holds clues as to why we get so passionate about politics.