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Boy killed when run over in driveway
July 31, 2009

OREM -- A 4-year-old boy died Friday afternoon after being run over in his driveway near 900 South and 1000 East. Orem police said his aunt was leaving the house and didn't see him. He was killed instantly.

He had been swimming in the backyard with family and friends, but he had moved to the front driveway to dry off on the warm concrete.

Capt. Steve Clark, with the Orem City Police Department, said, "The kids like to do is get out, lie on the drive way where the sun heats it up and it's nice and warm, and one of the little boys was laying on the sidewalk or on the driveway."

When the boy's aunt went to leave the house, she didn't see the boy lying there.

"His aunt came out to leave; cognizant of the fact that there was a large number of kids here," Clark said, "looked around did not see anybody. She's in a full-size SUV, and backed out of the drive and backed over the little boy."

Police said she knew immediately what had happened and called 911 for help. A medical helicopter was dispatched but called off. Police believe there may have been other children in the driveway when it happened. Officers said the boy's parents had been watching kids in the pool, but don't know if they were out front when it happened.

Police are working to recreate what happened with 3-D imaging, but say at this point, it looks as if it was just an unfortunate accident.