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BYU student invents product '100 times stronger' than duct tape

By Kathryn May   |  Posted Oct 23rd, 2013 @ 11:43am

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PROVO — A BYU student is getting a lot of attention for his new product that came on the market earlier this year. He claims the product can permanently fix all kinds of things whether they are wood, metal or plastic — and it is flying off store shelves.

Spencer Quinn, 24, says he's invented the world's strongest repair wrap — a product that's effective where duct tape fails: under water, under heavy impact and with heavy loads.

"Everyone knows duct tape, but everyone knows duct tape isn't the perfect fix for a lot of problems," Quinn, founder of Fiber Fix, said.

Quinn says Fiber Fix is a permanent fix for almost anything that needs to be repaired.

"Anytime you have a broken item, all you have to do is dip (Fiber Fix) tape in water, wrap it around the broken item, wait five to ten minutes, and you have a permanent long lasting repair," Quinn said.

Quinn says the possible uses for Fiber Fix are nearly endless.

We market it (that) it hardens like steel. It's 100 times stronger than duct tape.

–Spencer Quinn, inventor of Fiber Fix

"Anything from outdoor equipment, to emergency plumbing repairs, yard tools, sports equipment, automotive repairs. You can even use it on household furniture because you can sand and paint Fiber Fix," Quinn said.

If you've ever had a broken yard tool, you know duct tape is not a very good long term solution. You quickly need to get a new tool. But the makers of Fiber Fix say this repair is as good as new and maybe even stronger.

"We market it as it hardens like steel," Quinn said. "It's 100 times stronger than duct tape."

KSL asked Quinn to prove that claim. He Fiberfixed two 2-by-2-inch boards together to make a hammer and it was strong enough to break a cinder block.

Fiber Fix hit the first store shelves in February and it's already in more than 1,600 retail locations.

"That includes Ace Hardware, True Best, Handy Hardware," Quin said. "We've gotten into the Home Depot."

For this BYU student, it's been a whirlwind.

"It's flying off the shelves," Quin said. "We've been replenishing some of these guys every two weeks."


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