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Parents of stillborn share message of hope
October 27, 2011

SALT LAKE CITY -- In the United States there are six million pregnancies every year, but nearly two million of those infants are lost, and many times doctors don't know why. The loss is a heartbreaking for any family involved.

Danny and Molly Young, who have risen above their tragedy, are now reaching out to others that have had similar experiences losing a child. Although still in mourning, the Young's have a message to share about losing a baby, which is simply: "We are here, you are not alone."

"From the moment that I felt like we were pregnant, we just knew this little baby was our angel," said Molly Young.

Married for five years on June 30, the Young's were about to welcome a baby girl into their lives. Molly was 41 weeks pregnant when they made the trip to the hospital.

"I didn't feel movement that day," Molly said. "(They) hooked us up to an ultrasound and right then and there, (the doctor) said, there is no heartbeat. That's the moment where our world turned upside down."

Once Molly delivered the baby, they named her IzzyJane, spending a precious 24 hours with a little baby they love and cherish.

"It was a hard thing and I remember thinking I don't want to see her because I will want her so bad," Danny Young described. "But it was awesome to have our family and close friends come and be able to hold her and smell her and kiss her and love her for a little bit. It was precious moments we hold onto."

"We got to sleep with her, we got to keep her for about a full day," Molly said.

Friends surprised the Young's by releasing balloons together, taking everyone's eyes heavenward. And that's where they constantly look as one of nature's most beautiful creatures reminds them of IzzyJane.

"We kind of consider her our little butterfly," Danny said. "I think it was the day we went home from the hospital, and Izzy is buried in a dress that has a little butterfly on it. That day there was a big butterfly that was flying around the back yard, but I don't usually notice those things. I think that was Izzy saying, ‘I'm still here, I'm not really that far away.' "

The Young's realize not every couple has the support they had had, so they created "The FlutterBy IzzyJane Foundation." They want to offer hope, to help pay for infant funeral costs and provide mothers and babies with "forever" bracelets.

"How great to keep a foundation in her name and help other people flutter by," said Danny.

"I think that is what has helped us be strong, too, is to look forward to serving others and helping other and giving them hope," Molly said. "(It's) getting our minds off of us and giving back."

The Young's have their first fundraiser this Christmas at Jay Brooks Jewelers at The Gateway. The couple hopes to develop pamphlets about infant loss for hospitals.