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Clinton's pledge: Steady hand at 'moment of reckoning'

Julie Pace and Robert Furlow, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 28th - 7:50pm

Confronting a "moment of reckoning," Hillary Clinton is casting herself as a unifier for divided times and a tested, steady hand to lead in a volatile world.

The Latest: 2 men argue over flag at flag-burning protest

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 28th - 6:40pm

The Latest on protests and demonstrations on the final day of the Democratic National Convention (all times local):

The Latest: Wisconsin official says police let reporter in

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 28th - 6:30pm

The Latest on a Washington Post reporter being denied entrance to a campaign stop by Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence (all times local):

Washington Post: Reporter barred from entering Pence event

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 28th - 6:30pm

A Wisconsin law enforcement official said Thursday he doesn't know why a Washington Post reporter was kicked out of a Wednesday night campaign rally near Milwaukee for Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence, but stressed it wasn't his department that removed him.

Clinton using convention to send message to wary GOP voters

Ken Thomas and Julie Bykowicz, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 28th - 6:11pm

Long a lightning rod on the right, Hillary Clinton is making a targeted appeal to Republicans who challenge Donald Trump's claim to the conservative mantle and fear his possible presidency.

Her turn now: Hillary Clinton makes her case for presidency

Julie Pace and Robert Furlow, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 28th - 6:03pm

It's Hillary Clinton's turn. After three days of Democratic stars, including a pair of presidents, asserting she is ready for the White House, Clinton must make that case for herself on her nominating convention's final night.

Police and protesters credited with restraint at convention

Geoff Mulvihill and Kristen By Groot, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 28th - 4:01pm

Bernie Sanders' devoted followers were careful to pick up after themselves and wore hats embroidered with a dove to remind everyone to remain peaceful. And the police, instead of hauling demonstrators off to jail, issued them $50 tickets for disorderly conduct and released them with a complimentary bottle of water.

Sanders urges Utah and other delegations to defeat Trump, elect Clinton

Lisa Riley Roche  |  Posted  Jul 28th - 3:13pm

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders was cheered this morning by delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia from Utah and five other states when he urged them to defeat Donald Trump and elect Hillary Clinton.

Grayson vows to stay in Senate race, calls ex an abuser

Brendan Farrington, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 28th - 2:31pm

Florida Democrat Alan Grayson vowed to stay in the state's Senate race despite calls from party leaders to stand down over abuse claims from his children's mother, and he alleged she was the abuser who repeatedly hit him and their five children.

Clinton backers asked to speak at Sanders rally, then booed

Geoff Mulvihill and Megan Trimble, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 28th - 2:01pm

Bernie Sanders supporters asked fans of Hillary Clinton to explain why anyone should back her for president, then booed them at a rally Thursday on the final day of the Democratic National Convention.

Takeaways: Obama vouches for Clinton, Kaine steps up

Matthew Daly, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 28th - 1:50am

President Barack Obama used what is likely his last high-profile speech as president to make a powerful case for Hillary Clinton's election, saying it wasn't even a close choice between her and Donald Trump, whom he described as a homegrown demagogue.

Obama boosts Clinton: Carry her like you carried me

Julie Pace and Catherine Lucey, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 28th - 12:20am

His own legacy on the line, President Barack Obama implored Americans to elect Hillary Clinton to the White House, casting her as a candidate who believes in the optimism that drives the nation's democracy and warning against the "deeply pessimistic vision" of Republican Donald Trump.

Actors, delegates protest on quiet Day 3 of Dem convention

Geoff Mulvihill and Megan Trimble, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 27th - 11:10pm

Actors and delegates took center stage in smaller and more subdued protests by Bernie Sanders supporters on a mostly quiet Day 3 of the Democratic National Convention.

FBI investigates hack at House Democrats' campaign committee

Erica Werner, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 28th - 8:00pm

The FBI is investigating an apparent hack into computer systems at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, following a similar intrusion at the Democratic National Committee.

The Latest: Contentious Alaska sex ed measure to take effect

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 28th - 6:51pm

The Latest on legislation that would limit who could teach sex education in Alaska public schools (all times local):

Durbin rips Rauner, says governor tries to divide Illinois

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 28th - 5:31pm

U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin has sharply criticized Gov. Bruce Rauner for attacking downstate Democrats who supported additional funding for Chicago Public Schools.

In DNC speech, Kihuen decries Trump in English and Spanish

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 28th - 4:51pm

Nevada state Sen. Ruben Kihuen took the stage at the Democratic National Convention to decry Donald Trump in both English and Spanish.

Man arrested for video threats against police, ex-KKK leader

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 28th - 12:21pm

Louisiana State Police say a Baton Rouge man was jailed for posting online videos threatening violence against Baton Rouge police and a former Ku Klux Klan leader who is running for the Senate.

German FM: Trump victory could affect trans-Atlantic ties

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 28th - 8:11am

A victory for Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential election could affect trans-Atlantic ties, Germany's foreign minister said Thursday.