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The Trump swagger is seen, not always loved, worldwide

Gregory Katz and Paul Kelbie, Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 6th - 4:50am

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is well known in this serene coastal section of Scotland, where shimmering, golden sand dunes meet the ice-blue North Sea and people play on his golf course. He's known in the Himalayas, too, far from any sign with his name on it. And in the Middle East, Africa and beyond.

Chaffetz says speaker bid may be 'long shot,' Utah delegation has yet to declare support

Lisa Riley Roche  |  Posted  Oct 5th - 10:27pm

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, who said Monday his bid to become U.S. House speaker is a "long shot," may not have the support of the rest of Utah's congressional delegation.

Clinton slams Benghazi committee in TV interview, ad

Matthew Daly, Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 5th - 9:10pm

Hillary Rodham Clinton on Monday lashed out at the special House committee investigating the deadly attacks in Benghazi, Libya, calling it a partisan political exercise designed to "exploit" the deaths of four Americans.

California governor signs right-to-die legislation

Judy Lin, Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 5th - 7:01pm

California will become the fifth U.S. state to allow terminally ill patients to legally end their lives using doctor-prescribed drugs after Gov. Jerry Brown announced Monday he had signed one of the most emotionally charged bills of the year.

Why the House speaker's race just got nasty

Deirdre Walsh and Manu Raju, CNN  |  Posted  Oct 5th - 1:36pm

The race for Speaker could turn the House floor into complete chaos later this month, prompting an ugly public fight and further roiling a Republican Party struggling to present a governing vision for the country.

Ted Cruz: Allowing Syrian refugees into US is 'crazy'

David Eggert, Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 5th - 1:11pm

Republican presidential contender Ted Cruz on Monday called the Obama administration's plan to accept refugees from war-torn Syria "nothing short of crazy," because he believes some are Islamic State terrorists.

Carly Fiorina's campaign includes the rare job: "body woman"

Catherine Lucey, Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 5th - 1:03pm

In her six months working for Carly Fiorina, Rebecca Schieber has learned to always have a Sharpie pen handy for autographs. She's found ways to order the right vegetable-loaded meals on the road and become an expert at whisking her boss out of a room.

It's official: Jason Chaffetz to make run for House speaker

Amy Joi O'Donoghue  |  Posted  Oct 4th - 10:19pm

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, announced Sunday he is making a run for House speaker against Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-California. Chaffetz said he believes the American people are ready for a change and a more united Republican Congress.

A look at elections in Utah's 5 'other' biggest cities

Katie McKellar  |  Posted  Oct 4th - 9:55am

A roundup of some of the most notable elections happening in the five biggest Utah cities after Salt Lake City.

Seeking a candidate to love, voters find Clinton one to like

Lisa Lerer and Kathleen Ronayne, Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 4th - 8:10am

Inside the arena, the roar was deafening when Hillary Rodham Clinton took the stage at the annual convention of the New Hampshire Democratic Party. Thousands of people jumped to their feet to welcome their party's White House front-runner with cheers and noisemakers emblazoned with her campaign logo.

Biden backs transgender military service as US weighs policy

Josh Lederman, Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 4th - 5:20am

Vice President Joe Biden is throwing his unequivocal support behind letting transgender people serve openly in the U.S. military, as the Obama administration considers whether and when to lift the longstanding ban.

Presidential candidate O'Malley visits Vegas labor unions

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 6th - 6:01am

Democratic presidential candidate Martin O'Malley is wooing voters in Nevada before the first Democratic debate next week with a campaign stop in Las Vegas.

Senate hopeful Heck backed by most all GOP Nevada lawmakers

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 5th - 6:01pm

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Joe Heck is announcing endorsements from all but three Republicans in the Nevada Legislature.

New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan to run for US Senate

Kathleen Ronayne, Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 5th - 3:41pm

Democratic New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan announced Monday she would challenge Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte, setting the stage for a highly competitive race that will be critical in determining majority control of the Senate in the next president's first year.

Clinton urges tougher gun laws in aftermath of Oregon shooting

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 5th - 1:51pm

In the aftermath of the deadly school shooting in Oregon, Hillary Rodham Clinton today has offered an emotional appeal for tougher gun control laws.

Clinton pitches new gun controls following Oregon shooting

Lisa Lerer, Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 5th - 12:31pm

Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton offered an emotional plea Monday for tougher gun control laws in the wake of a deadly university shooting, decrying the "extremism" that she said has come to characterize the debate over U.S. gun laws.

Democratic presidential candidate O'Malley visiting Vegas

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 5th - 4:20am

Democratic presidential candidate Martin O'Malley is planning to meet with unions and Latino leaders during a two-day campaign stop in Las Vegas.

Former Nevada Gov. Bob List endorses Marco Rubio

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 4th - 1:01pm

Former Nevada Gov. Bob List is endorsing Marco Rubio for president after the first candidate he backed dropped out of the race.

Christie: I'd rather jump off bridge than be in Congress

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 4th - 9:41am

Chris Christie wants to come to Washington. Just don't ask him to make the leap from governor of New Jersey to Capitol Hill legislator.