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Sleeping Idaho hunter wakes up to black bear biting his head

Keith Ridler, Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 8th - 6:57pm

A hunter asleep in the remote Idaho wilderness woke up when he felt something tugging on his hair. Then he heard the black bear breathing.

Facebook adds 'Reactions' to Like button feature

Hope King and Peter Taggart, CNN  |  Posted  Oct 8th - 5:58pm

The Facebook "Like" officially has company -- but it's not a "Dislike" button.

Have You Seen This? How to enhance muscles without workouts

Martha Ostergar  |  Posted  Oct 8th - 1:15pm

If you're a bodybuilder but you can't get any more swole, here's what you do.

Video shows the world's best rock skipper in action

Grant Olsen, Contributor  |  Posted  Oct 8th - 11:29am

A new YouTube video shows world champion rock skipper Kurt Steiner skip a rock across a small lake in Vermont. And it's impressive.

Man drives into ocean to avoid arrest

Angie H. Treasure  |  Posted  Oct 7th - 10:25pm

A two-hour police chase ended after a man allegedly in possession of a stolen vehicle drove into the ocean as a means to evade arrest.

Wyoming woman dies of rabies after she was bitten by a bat

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 7th - 12:17pm

Officials say a Fremont County woman has died after contracting what is believed to be Wyoming's first confirmed human rabies case.

Neighbors: New Jersey home swept away by storm was nuisance

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 7th - 12:01pm

A Jersey shore home that washed into the bay during a weekend storm was a structurally unsound nuisance and was bound to fall into the water, neighbors said.

Connecticut university student arrested over mac and cheese

Pat Eaton-Robb, Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 6th - 4:52pm

A University of Connecticut student faces criminal charges over a confrontation with a campus food court manager who wouldn't let him buy macaroni and cheese with bacon and jalapeno peppers.

Art lovers stage mock anti-Renoir protest at Boston museum

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 6th - 2:32pm

Renoir didn't leave much of an impression on a group of art lovers in Boston.

Missing snake found under dryer tried to slither away

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 9th - 8:20am

Elvis the king cobra put up a fight, even briefly escaping, as animal control officers tried to lure it from underneath a dryer in an Orlando woman's garage.

Police: Teen left court docs about auto theft in stolen car

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 8th - 3:51pm

Authorities say an 18-year-old man drove a stolen car to police headquarters to pick up court papers about a previous auto theft he was involved in — documents that were found in yet another stolen car.

'Lucky' pig gets new home after fall onto Colorado highway

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 8th - 8:01am

A 650-pound pig that fell off a trailer in Colorado is getting a new name -- "Lucky" -- and a new home at a sanctuary for abandoned pigs.

Cops: Man stabbed at funeral, suspect tries to flee in limo

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 8th - 5:50am

Police say an argument at a funeral in Connecticut led to a stabbing and an attempted escape in a limousine.

Denali name change trickles down to fast-food burger

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 7th - 3:51pm

The name change of North America's tallest mountain is rippling down to a fast-food chain.

Caterpillar that's new to Pennsylvania can cause skin rashes

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 7th - 8:01am

The bad news is that a Canadian caterpillar now found in Pennsylvania can cause a nasty rash. The good news is that most cases can be treated at home with lotion and ice, though it'll cause several hours of discomfort.

Fire company uses purple truck to focus on domestic violence

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 7th - 7:21am

A central Pennsylvania volunteer fire company is using a purple fire truck to raise awareness of domestic violence.

Dog rescued after fall into crack at Volcanoes National Park

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 6th - 2:35pm

A Big Island family was reunited with their dog after a rescue team removed the Labrador retriever trapped in a crack in the earth at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Woman found inside portable toilet gets arrested on warrants

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 6th - 11:41am

A woman wanted on identity theft charges has been arrested in Oregon after a construction worker lifted the lid of a portable toilet to find her hiding inside.

Ohio man calls cops to complain he got too high on marijuana

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 6th - 10:41am

Police in Ohio say they were called to a house by a man who complained he'd gotten too high smoking marijuana.