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US tourist spends night on roof of Milan's Duomo cathedral

Colleen Barry, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 27th - 11:11am

The caretakers of Milan's historic Duomo cathedral on Wednesday requested additional police surveillance in light of an incident in which an American tourist was locked inside overnight and the terror attack on a French church.

Norway mulls giving mountain peak to Finland

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 27th - 10:21am

Norway is considering moving a mountain — or at least its peak — to neighboring Finland.

Think Trump and Clinton fall flat? Vote for Cat in the Hat

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 26th - 12:41pm

Voters who think presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton fall flat can now choose the Cat in the Hat.

No typical salmon run: Fish spills across Alaska highway

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 26th - 11:40am

Alaskans are always excited by salmon runs, unless it's across a highway.

Meet Graham, a 'human' designed to survive a car crash

Janissa Delzo, Special to CNN  |  Posted  Jul 25th - 4:36pm

To up your chances of surviving a car accident, it would help if your ultra-thick ribcage were lined with sacs that served as natural airbags and if your face were flattened, your skull much larger, your skin thicker and your knees able to move in all directions.

'Pokemon Go' players stumble on hidden history

Matt O'Brien, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 25th - 10:01am

Historical markers have long dotted the landscape, often barely noticed by passers-by — until they became treasure-filled stops this month on the "Pokemon Go" trail.

Hemingway (no relation) wins look-alike contest in Key West

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 24th - 1:01pm

A white-bearded North Carolina man has won the "Papa" Hemingway Look-Alike Contest.

Poll: Which is Utah's best local ice cream?

Xoel Cardenas  |  Posted  Jul 22nd - 10:00am

In this poll, we’re asking you to vote for which is Utah’s best ice cream shop. Many of the ice cream shops mentioned will be local favorites, while some will be hidden local gems.

Man lassoes bear with head stuck in big plastic container

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 21st - 9:57pm

A Colorado bed and breakfast owner armed with just a length of rope helped save a black bear with a giant plastic container stuck on its head.

Photos: Looking back at the growth of Pioneer Day

Carter Williams  |  Posted  Jul 21st - 7:31pm

Pioneer Day has been a Utah tradition for more than a century. Here's a look back at how people have celebrated through the years.

Officials at historic tourist spot warn of 'fake monk mafia'

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 27th - 12:10pm

Visitors to one of Boston's top tourist destinations are being asked not to give money to what officials have dubbed "the fake monk mafia."

Michigan biker nabbed after Facebook post about eluding cops

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 27th - 9:41am

A suburban Detroit motorcyclist was apparently fast enough to leave police in the dust during a chase, but not swift enough to stop from bragging about it on Facebook.

Man, 62, playing 'Pokemon Go' at night gets stuck in mud pit

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 26th - 8:10am

Authorities say a 62-year-old man playing "Pokemon Go" at night in the woods behind his New York home became stuck in waist-deep mud and had to be rescued.

Man leads police on Washington state chase due to boredom

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 25th - 12:20pm

Sheriff's officials say a Washington state man led police on a chase across two counties because he was bored.

Police reunite traveler with lost turtle at NYC bus station

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 25th - 11:00am

A turtle found wandering around a busy New York City bus terminal has been reunited with its grateful but sleepy owner.

Band of monkeys raid Thai polling place, tear up voter lists

Natnicha Chuwiruch, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 25th - 10:01am

Election officials in northern Thailand think they can buy off a gang of monkey vandals with fresh fruit and vegetables, after about 100 macaques tore up voter lists publicly posted ahead of next month's referendum on a proposed constitution.

Woman drove for days in Alaska with husband's body in casket

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 23rd - 4:30pm

A woman who drove her husband's body on a days-long traveling wake in Alaska and used ice from canneries to keep him cold is not accused of breaking any laws.

Canadian teens detained for Pokemon Go border crossing

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 22nd - 3:32pm

U.S. Border Patrol officials say two Canadian teenagers were briefly apprehended after they accidentally crossed the U.S. border into Montana while playing the game "Pokemon Go."

Town where 'Jersey Shore' was filmed now wants quiet beaches

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 22nd - 12:51pm

A New Jersey town made famous by the "Jersey Shore" reality TV series and its hard-partying cast is ready for some quiet time on its beaches.